McGill School of Social Work Field Instructors

Why Become a McGill Field Instructor?

Becoming a Field Instructor for the McGill University School of Social Work offers an opportunity to:

  • Provide mentorship

    Field supervisor working explaining something on his clipboard to students. Field supervisor Derrolton James with students.
  • Guide the professional development of future social workers.

  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for students to develop their socialwork practice.

  • Gain access to McGill University library resources.

McGill Field Instructors have access to:

  • Special workshops and training opportunities

  • A McGill login identification and password which allows access to McGill's secure online library, with access to on-line journal articles otherwise not available to the public. Login information is provided at the beginning of the school year and must be renewed each academic year.

  • An On-line Information Repository with tools and exercises to support field supervisors.


For MSW Field Forms, please click here.