Professor Myriam Denov Honored with SSHRC Impact Insight Award

Published: 9 December 2020

Annual SSHRC Impact Awards celebrate top talent in Canada’s social sciences and humanities research community. Denov is recognized for her research on children and families affected by war.

Having spent the better part of two decades working with war-affected children and families, McGill’s Myriam Denov knows that the horrors of war often cannot be expressed through words or narrative. A full professor in the McGill School of Social Work and the Canada Research Chair in Youth, Gender and Armed Conflict (Tier 1), Denov is a specialist in art-based and participatory research. Her work has contributed to a novel understanding of the gendered realities of war and inaugurated a new generation of research exploring the role of children’s agency within military settings.

To read the full McGill Reporter article click here.

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