Research Seminar with Susan Skinner, Independent Researcher, NY - “Why Would You Listen to Them?” Local Culture Impacts Participation in Qualitative Research


Wilson Hall Wendy Patrick room (room 118), 3506 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, CA

The proposed presentation will draw on two studies, one focused on the sleep behavior of young adults living in rural poverty and the other focusing on interaction with community members during the process of gathering qualitative data. The lived experience of the qualitative researcher in an environment hostile to the target population and intellectual endeavors will be presented as a context for exploring the influences of the culture of rural poverty on qualitative research in health behavior.

Susan Barber Skinner is an independent researcher exploring health behaviors in rural populations living in environments of poverty. More specifically, her work examines the phenomenon of sleep as a lived experience and political issue. Dr. Skinner earned a masters degree in clinical mental health counseling at Union Institute and University in Cincinnati, OH. She completed doctoral studies in psychology at Walden University in Minneapolis, MN; her dissertation study, “Sleep Among Young Adults Living in Rural Poverty” focused on participant experiences in northernmost New York at the US-Canadian border. A recently completed study examined the influence of local culture on recruitment and participation in qualitative research that was presented at The Qualitative Report Conference. Current work includes additional research on the lived experience of sleep and community based participatory research involving conversations on poverty.

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