Aging Out of Place Into Homelessness


Wilson Hall, Wendy Patrick Room, 3506 University Street Montreal, Quebec, CA


Aging Our of Place Into Homelessness

Presentation and Discussion "Midi Cregés"

By Victoria Burns, MSW, PhD Candidate

Newly homeless older adults are rising in number but remain neglected in research, policy and practice. This presentation reports on findings from a qualitative study that explored pathways into homelessness and experiences during homelessness for 1 adults who became homeless for the first time at age 50 years and over in a Montreal context.

Victoria's doctoral work is based on the geographical concept of "place" to explore the experiences of homelessness among newly homeless older persons, one of the fastest growing populations in Montreal shelters. Her doctoral research is supported by many years of experience in social work in CLSCs and in the Montreal community.

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