Francine Granner, Field Coordinator

Francine GrannerFrancine Granner is the Coordinator of Field Education. She understands the importance the field practicum experience has in a student's education. Responsible for the field education of over 250 McGill students, it is a challenge to find the best match for each student and field instructor in order to enhance the learning. Her current projects include developing field placements as part of the Access to English project which aims at providing English speaking social workers to Anglophones in Montreal's East end and in other Quebec regions primarily serviced by French speaking people. She also is interested in maximizing the supervision relationship between student and field instructor and teaches a supervision training course to field instructors.

Francine discovered her love for social work through different role models. As part of the first BSW graduating cohort from McGill, she got her first position working in student services at Vanier College in the early 1970s. She began their day care center for staff and students and she also managed to convince government officials to grant money to young Cégep women who wanted to go back to school to earn a college degree. For two years, she spent time working in community organizations and was an activist in various social groups such as the anti-poverty movement.

Shortly thereafter, Francine earned her MSW degree from McGill and pursued her interest in family therapy working at Douglas Hospital's out-patient unit and continued studies in that area. In the years that followed, Francine's work diversified. She may not have been working in a traditional 'social work' institution, but found the hidden niche for a social worker in community centers, schools, various administrative boards, planning committees and youth camps for ten years.

Francine completed a graduate certificate in Loss and Bereavement and co-directed the McGill Loss and Bereavement Centre for several years, leading loss and bereavement groups and supervising social work students at the Centre. Francine also taught the Introduction to Practice lab course for Special BSW students. Francine currently is the Coordinator of Field Education but retains her interest in bereavement work and participates in training sessions in the area of loss and bereavement.


Group Therapy Training Program (Montreal General Hospital) 2000

Certificate in Loss and Bereavement (McGill University) 1998

MSW (McGill University) 1974

BSW (McGill University) 1971


2001-present Coordinator of Field Education

McGill University, School of Social Work

1998-2003 Field supervisor

Centre for Loss and Bereavement,
McGill University, School of Social Work

1997-2002 Administrator, coordinator, facilitator and councilor

McGill Centre for Loss and Bereavement


Areas of interest

  • Loss and bereavement
  • Field supervision and coordination
  • Group and community therapy

Description of current research

Granner will be presenting a multi-disciplinary Web-based field supervision course pilot project at the CASSW conference in May 2007 and at the International Supervision Conference in Buffalo in June 2007.


Beaulieu, M., Granner, F., Hopmeyer, E., Storr , C., Vogt., A. (2010) Virtual and Face-to-Face Group Work: An Interprofessional Supervision Course. Intervention. 133, 31-38

Conference Presentations:

CASWE: Fredericton, N.B. June 2011 “On line supervision course for supervisors”

International Symposium on Social Work with Groups: Montreal June 2010, “Virtual and face to face group work: parallel processes in interprofessional learning”

CASWE: Ottawa, Ont. June 2008, “Web-based field supervision Course: pilot project”

International Conference on Supervision: Buffalo, N.Y.June 2007, “Face-to Face Field Supervisor Course”

Web Based On-Line Supervisory Course
Francine is one of the instructors in an interdisciplinary team  involved in an on-line supervisory course for supervisors in the Access to English Program as well as instructors who wish to participate in a web based supervisory course.


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