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Social Work Data Visualization

Research dissemination and knowledge translation are imperative in social work, as our research must often be made accessible to stakeholders including social service agencies, community partners and the academic community. Developments in social science research methodology on data visualization techniques have improved the ability to convey meaning and reduce erroneous conclusions. The purpose of this project is to examine: (1) How are empirical results presented visually in social work research?; (2) To what extent do top social work journals vary in the publication of data visualization techniques?; (3) What is the predominant type of analysis presented in tables and graphs?; (4) How can current data visualization methods be improved to increase understanding of social work research?

Social Work Doctoral Scholarship in Canada

The nature and types of social work research generated in doctoral programs has been well-studied in the US. Doctoral programs in Canada, in comparison, are much younger; the first doctoral program was created in the mid-1970s.  To date, there is no systematic understanding of the nature and types of knowledge produced within Schools and Faculties of Social Work.  An overview of this knowledge is not only an indication of the state of the field; it is also an indication of the types of knowledge that will be perpetuated in the near future as aging faculty retire.  This study describes the research methods and analytic designs as well as key substantive areas produced within doctoral dissertations in Canada over a ten year period.

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