Workshop: Exploratory Data Analysis in Python

18 Mar 2024 10:00

Workshop Overview: In thisworkshop, we will delve into the art of conducting Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA) on a given dataset. EDA encompasses a broad spectrum of critical data analysis components, which include, but are not restricted to, the following:

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Pierre-Thomas Brun (Princeton University)

18 Mar 2024 16:00

Title: Building with fluids: a lazy approach to fabrication

Abstract :

Workshop: Introduction to Git using R

19 Mar 2024 10:30

Workshop Overview: In this 2h-workshop, participants will obtain a basic introduction to version control using git and GitHub. Using a sample project, participants will perform some basic git operations in both RStudio and the command line. Emphasis is on sharing code to further reproducible research. Advanced operations, such as those used in software development, will not be demonstrated.

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Pre-Startup Skills: Workshop #3 – Introduction to Industry Analysis

19 Mar 2024 13:00

This workshop will introduce the fundamental tool of Industry Analysis which companies use for strategy development. For startups, understanding the industry is a critical step in determining market entry and market positioning. The Five Forces Framework will be presented and applied to during an exercise.

Graduate Student Workshop: Archival Research in Nigeria with Dr. Samaila Suleiman, Bayero University Kano

20 Mar 2024 12:00

This workshop will focus on research on archives in African settings, sharing experiences from Nigeria. This workshop will be valuable to students who plan to do historical research on education policies through archival research.

Hosted by: Dr. Samaila Suleiman, Bayero University Kano

Location: Education Building Learning Commons (EDUC-120)

QAIS Speed Networking Event 2024

20 Mar 2024 17:00

DATE: Wednesday, March 20, 2024

TIME: 5:00 PM to 7:00 PM (doors open at 4:30 PM)

Please arrive at least 15 minutes early as interviews start promptly at 5:00 PM.

ADDRESS: Education Building, 3700 McTavish Street, McGill University LOCATION: Learning Commons (1st Floor)


22nd Education Graduate Students' Society (EGSS) Conference

21 Mar 2024
22 Mar 2024

The Education Graduate Students' Society (EGSS) is holding its annual conference on March 21 and 22 and is exploring the theme of

See Us, Hear Us, Learn from Us Student Art Segment of the EGSS Conference

21 Mar 2024
22 Mar 2024

Students across campus showcase their talents through various mediums (painting, digital art, photography, singing, spoken word, etc.).

The art segment of the EGSS conference is structured in 2 parts: a workshop (held on March 21st) and a student art exhibition (March 22).

The activity is also supported by FEEDIC.

Location: Education Building Learning Commons (EDUC-120)

Arianne Maraj-Guitard: Oral Defence DISE

22 Mar 2024 14:30

The Department of Integrated Studies in Education

Ratna Ghosh is pleased to announce that Arianne Maraj-Guitard, a doctoral candidate in DISE, will be defending their dissertation on March 22 at 2:30 PM in Room 133 – Education Building.

The topic of their dissertation:

Black Speakers Series: Nigerian History on Trial: Thinking Through Transitional Justice

22 Mar 2024 16:00

In collaboration with the African Studies program and the History Departments, this lecture will explore the politics of historical reckoning in light of the recent clamor for dememorialization of the legacies of indigenous slave owners in Nigeria.

Workshop: Meta-Analysis

25 Mar 2024 10:00

Workshop Overview: The goal of this workshop is to serve as an introduction to the use of meta-analysis to combine summary data. Specifically, we will cover the different assumptions required and types of analyses one can use when trying to synthesize information from different sources. We will begin by considering the case of estimating a mean for single characteristic from different studies.

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Workshop: Version control with Git in R

26 Mar 2024 10:30

Workshop Overview: This workshop will enhance your knowledge of how to work with Git in R. Emphasis is put on collaboration with Git and comparing file versions.

At the end of the workshop, you will:

> Become familiar with the version control system Git

> Understand how versioning works in Git

> Be able to compare different version and revert changes

> Be able to collaborate on Git projects

> Be able to configure Git in R

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Pre-Startup Skills: Workshop #4 - Market Research and Analysis of Competition

26 Mar 2024 13:00

This workshop will provide an overview of the different types of market research, how to analyze the competition, and the resources available at McGill to perform market research. Our market research librarian Emily Jaeger-McEnroe will walk us through some of those resources using a market research canvas tool.

Easter Break: March 29, 2024 to April 1, 2024

29 Mar 2024
1 Apr 2024

For more of McGill's key academic dates, consult the Important Dates for Students website. For B.Ed. and MATL Field Experience and Internship dates, see this page of the Internships & Student Affairs (ISA) website.

Workshop: Working with text in R

2 Apr 2024 10:30

Workshop Overview: R is mostly known for its statistical methods on numbers. However, it is also capable of working efficiently with text and analysing it. In this workshop we will take a deep dive into how to work with text in R and introduce you to functions that allow you to even do text mining. At the end of this workshop, you will be able to     · manipulate strings efficiently     · import text from multiple sources

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