University students without histories of mental health issues are feeling pandemic distress


Published: 29Jan2021

It’s no secret that students have had a very tough time during this COVID-19 pandemic.

A new study by McGill University and the University of Toronto found that students who've never had mental health issues now find themselves in greater distress.

CTV News spoke with McGill ECP's Dr. Nancy Heath, Dr. Tina Montreuil, and Doctoral student, Stephanie Zito, in this report about how students were not initially equipped at the onset of the pandemic in order to properly navigate feeling of stress, isolation, and depression. 

Dr. Heath's Development and Intrapersonal Resilience (DAIR) Research Team has been providing valuable tools to the McGill Community, to help people cope with the COVID-19 situation. Learn more with these interactive flyers with practical tips and resources:

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