Teen suicide prevention during COVID-19


Published: 28Jan2021

Teen suicide prevention during COVID-19: How parents and kids can have honest and safe conversations

“School or no school, it won’t matter.”

“Young people’s issues are minor compared to those of adults.”

As researchers concerned with suicide prevention in youth, we sometimes hear people express sentiments like these about young people in the pandemic. But socialization is an important part of growing up. As much as COVID-19 has affected adults, it may affect children and teens even more.

How to explain to a young child why he cannot play with other children? How can children learn to read facial expressions when people wear masks? How to see friends, how to date and form new relationships with social distancing and schools mostly online? Such experiences are so vital to teenage and young adult development.


McGill ECP’s Dr. Marie-Claude Geoffroy and Dr. Anthony Gifuni (Visiting Scholar, Stanford University) offer insight on youth suicide prevention and vital resources for teens and their parents in an article, published in The Conversation on Bell Let’s Talk Day.

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