Philip Cutler, BEd’13, Created Company that Provides Access to Quality Help for Middle School and High School Students


Published: 16Jun2022

McGill’s Faculty of Education, Philip Cutler, BEd’13, created the company Paper, which he co-founded with Roberto Cipriani, BSc’08. It quickly became one of the largest online tutoring services in the U.S., hired by public school districts in over 30 states, as well as four provinces in Canada, to assist their students (mostly middle school and high school).

The Montreal-based company grew steadily after its beginning almost a decade ago, but its reach expanded dramatically during the pandemic, an attractive time for good virtual help in school. It now has more than 450 staff, 2,200 tutors and serves over 2 million students. Named “one of Canada’s fastest-growing startups” in 2021 by the Globe and Mail, Paper recently attracted US$270 million of financing from the technology funding conglomerate SoftBank.

Read the full story of Philip Cutler's Paper here.


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