Media Spotlight – Professor Low and Alumni Dr. Lipset Collaborate on Spotify Original Podcast


Published: 26Nov2021

RecordEd Arts is a podcast written, recorded, edited and hosted by Michael Lipset, a McGill alumni and course Lecturer in the Department of Integrated studies in Education.

The most recent episode is titled ‘The Portal’ and tells the story of a remote, artistic exchange between the youth of No Bad Sound Studios, the PHI Center, and Lews Lee's Milwaukee Portal.

The episode features contributions from McGill Associate Prof Bronwen Low of the department of Integrated Studies in Education and covers the importance of remote artistic collaboration and exchange to dispelling prejudice and building various forms of cultural capital. Portals are boxes outfitted with technology to facilitate lifesize remote connection.

During the pandemic, young people from No Bad Sound, a youth-led recording arts program in Montreal, and administrators at the PHI Center, a technology and arts hub in Montreal, Canada, exchanged their artwork with Lewis Lee, a community organizer and hip-hop artist in Milwaukee, WI. The story highlights the possibilities and benefits for remote, artistic exchange at a time when travel remains difficult but connection remains crucial to our collective wellbeing.

This episode features original music from Kamino, an artist at No Bad Sound studios.

Listen to the Spotify podcast here.

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