Media Spotlight – Annie Savard, DISE, Interviewed in the Times Colonist


Published: 10May2021

Associate Professor Annie Savard (Department of Integrated Studies in Education) was recently interviewed by the Times Colonist, a BC-based publication, about how Canadian students are performing in math­ematics. Savard "...points out Quebec teachers have a clearer understanding of 'didactic' instruction, a concept championed in France and French-speaking countries. 'Knowing the content of the course isn’t enough,' Savard says. 'You need what we call didactic [teaching]. You need to unpack the content to make it accessible to students.'

The article reveals that "Quebec consistently outperforms all other provinces on all available comparative measures," illustrating some of the differences between the provinces and specifically mentioning that "in Quebec faculties of education, prospective elementary school math teachers must take as many as 225 hours of university courses in math education. In other provinces, they receive as little as 39 hours."

Click HERE to read the complete article.

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