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Published: 9Feb2021

Many of us have not been on campus for some time, and I’m sure there are new members of our Faculty who have yet to experience life on-campus. Please be reminded that it is still possible to pick up items and conduct small-scale activities on campus, but take note that we require three business days to process requests. Also, should you have any questions about the current COVID situation, please review the Faculty of Education FAQ page or the McGill Coronavirus page. Despite the many challenges of the COVID situation, we have taken advantage of the reduced traffic in our buildings to push construction projects forward and are excited to share this news with you!


Education Learning Commons Construction Underway

Once a large underutilized open foyer, the new first-floor Learning Commons (just outside of EDUC112, 113, and 115) will be transformed into a dynamic study hub of interconnected yet distinct study areas with vibrant displays. A Study Zone comprised of powered tables with integrated acoustic privacy screens will provide students a dedicated space for reading, reflection, and independent work. New audiovisual pods for small study groups will be among the new installations, enabling students to connect to a shared screen. A new Computer Lab will be established with wall-mounted screens and other contemporary teaching tools. This transformation of the Learning Commons is largely thanks to a generous $1M donation from the Chan Kwok Wai Foundation.


Science Teaching Lab Renovations

Demolition is underway in the new Science Teaching Labs (EDUC358 and 361) where work is being done to significantly upgrade and modernize the infrastructure. The removal of structural barriers and stationery lab units will create more usable spaces, allowing for flexible layouts with moveable furniture. Not only will this facilitate enhanced collaborative learning environments, but it will also model how prospective teachers could potentially configure their own science classrooms. Moreover, the renovated labs will enable student teachers to rehearse instructional practices in peer groups. New equipment such as fixed and moveable smartboards, projectors, monitors, and other tools will allow students to record and share their sessions to enhance the delivery of lesson plans.


McGill Sport Science Institute Prepares for Fall 2021 Construction

The Faculty of Education Sport Science Institute has thus far been housed within the Department of Kinesiology and Physical Education’s existing infrastructure. Architectural planning is in the advanced stages and construction for the institute’s dedicated 30,000 square-foot physical location will begin this fall on Pine Avenue, adjacent to the Currie Gymnasium. The new facility will house contemporary workspaces and state-of-the-art equipment to support multidisciplinary, cutting-edge research to study elite sport performance and training in sport science, with emphasis on endurance sports. Additionally, it will serve as a meeting hub for McGill experts, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows to collaborate with international partners and consultants, working together to advance research in the field of sport science.


We look forward to sharing more news as these projects progress. Please direct any questions about these or other infrastructure projects to marta.kobiela [at] mcgill.ca (subject: Infrastructure%20Inquiry) (Marta Kobiela), Associate Dean of Infrastructure.

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