Bronwen Low Shares Views about Education on ICI Manitoba (Radio-Canada)


Published: 25Jan2021

Sunday, January 24th was the International Day of Education. This annual social action holiday was proclaimed by UNESCO in an effort to raise awareness about education's role in promoting peace and social justice throughout the world. Radio-Canada's ICI Manitoba news program interviewed DISE's Dr. Bronwen Low about her views on education as an instrument of global change as well as the state of education during COVID-19.

Dr. Low commented on how access to technology and high-speed internet as well as having a private space for studies is a big variant that can impact effective remote learning. In addition, the youth currently in our schools have different challenges during COVID, including new safety concerns and social distancing. Apart from the many challenges and limitations during COVID, this pandemic has been a catalyst of change and innovation. Dr. Low remarked how our educators, from elementary to university, have learned flexibility, exercised creativity and ingenuity, and quickly adopted new technology to continue to work collaboratively with students and colleagues. 

Watch the full interview (en français) here.



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