Teaching Assistant Training

Offered biannually in January and September, these workshops provide opportunities for you to develop your teaching skills, connect with your peers, and enhance your experience as a Teaching Assistant (TA). Workshops cover a range of topics, such as teaching strategies, maintaining positive learning environments for your students, supporting student engagement in learning, grading and assessment, and more!

NOTE: Only first-time TAs will be paid for participating in the following training sessions and are eligible for a maximum of 3 hours of paid training.

Resources for Teaching Assistants: Important links and information 

Info session for Teaching Assistants

Tuesday, January 17 from 12:00-1:30pm (online) |Register;


Whether you're a new or returning TA, join representatives of AGSEM, the Office of the Dean of Students, the Student Wellness Hub, and Teaching and Learning Services for a panel discussion about being a TA at McGill.

Note: Participation in the info-session does not count toward the maximum of 3 hours of paid training for first-time TAs. 

Preparing and delivering effective lessons

Wednesday, January 18 from 12:00-1:30pm (online) |Register;


Want to learn how to apply learning-centered principles to prepare and deliver effective lessons? In this session, you will learn a range of teaching strategies to promote student engagement and develop a preliminary plan of how to implement them in various course settings.

Fostering equity-centered classroom environments

Friday, January 20 from 12:00-1:30pm (online) |Register;


By participating in this interactive session, teaching assistants will cultivate a greater understanding of anti-oppression, anti-racism and how these systems operate within learning institutions. Participants will be encouraged to reflect on their relationships with positionality and power and how they may leverage these in service of removing barriers to equitable classroom participation. Teaching Assistants will also practice bias interventions and engage in action planning to make their remote classroom environments and the campus, more inclusive.

Accessibility in the classroom: how to be an inclusive TA

Monday, January 23 from 12:00 - 2:00pm (online) |Register;


This workshop offers practical tips for increasing accessibility in teaching that TAs can implement in the courses they support. The session is designed to increase participants’ awareness of barriers that students with disabilities experience in the classroom, and show how TAs can facilitate and promote equitable access to learning. Participants will also learn from the Accessibility Advisor about the resources available to them, as employees, to manage their own access needs in their work.

Teaching in science labs

Tuesday, January 24 from 9:30-11:00am (online) |Register;


In this workshop, we will discuss the role of the TA in complex lab scenarios. Participants will learn how to meet the conceptual and procedural challenges of labs, and will understand how to create equitable and interactive student-centered environments that promote deep learning.

Facilitating engaging and impactful discussions

Wednesday, January 25 from 12:00-2:00pm (online) |Register;


Successfully learning to lead and guide engaging and impactful student discussions requires a range of fairly sophisticated communication skills. Typically people employ strategies using trial and error as they have never been trained to facilitate discussions. This workshop will give participants an opportunity develop practical insights, skills and learn tools that lead to facilitating group discussions. Leadership, presentation and communication skills are threaded through this interactive session; learn how to be the guide on the side and not so much the sage on the stage!

Grading in the sciences

Thursday, January 26 from 9:30-11:00am (online) |Register;


In this workshop, we will discuss the importance of student assessment in higher education. Participants will dissect and analyze rubrics and provide constructive feedback to students in collaborative scenarios.

Grading in the humanities and social sciences

Friday, January 27 from 9:30-11:00am (online) |Register;


In this interactive workshop, participants will learn about the role of assessment in courses, the importance of feedback for student learning, how to develop criteria and standards for assessing written assignments, and strategies for dealing with plagiarism.

myCourses Essentials for Teaching Assistants
All Teaching Assistants should now have access to myCourses Essentials. Log in to myCourses to access myCourses Essentials, a new online resource for TAs. If you do not have access, please complete the following form.

As a McGill student, your participation in activities such as training workshops and volunteering are tracked on your Co-Curricular Record (CCR)! Having your co-curricular activities listed in one document can help you revise your CV or cover letter, prepare for interviews, and explore career options. Learn how to leverage this important document through myInvolvement, and make your training count!
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