Project Management Series

If you are interested in becoming a great project manager, then this seminar is for you. Learn the essential elements to successful project planning and the distinguishing characteristics of high performers. You may be surprised at your findings!

What is Project Management? Project management is the practice of applying knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to complete a project according to specific requirements. It comes down to identifying the problem, creating a plan to solve the problem, and then executing that plan until the problem has been solved.

More specifically, what is a project? A project is a temporary group activity designed to produce a unique product, service, or result. The word “temporary” means projects must have a defined beginning and end, and therefore defined timeline, scope, and resources. A project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal. This means the project team might include people who don’t usually work together, and require resources that are typically outside the scope of day-to-day operations. And all must be expertly managed to deliver the on-time, on-budget results, learning, and integration that organizations need.




Project Planning: Essential Elements

If you are interested in becoming a great project manager, then this seminar is for you. Learn the essential elements to successful project execution, through the step-by-step creation of a winning project charter and project plan. Be prepared with a high-performing strategy to achieve your project goals! You may be surprised at your findings!

October 11

Project Execution: Essential Elements

The role of a project manager is the single most critical and visible role on the project. Successful project managers understand that leadership is action - not position. Building upon concepts introduced in "Project Planning: Essential Elements," this seminar presents the distinguishing behaviours of "best in class" project leaders, including the ability to self-manage, build high-performing teams, and create positive stakeholder relationships across all levels. Join us to learn simple and effective techniques to bring your project plan to life!

November 1

Women in Project Management

Targeting Leadership skills as outlined in PMI®’s Talent Triangle, this workshop will help women advance their project management careers by making talent instead of gender the focus of their leadership style.

November 22

Facilitator: Tina Cerulli is a dynamic consultant, instructor, mentor, and PMI-recommended speaker, specializing in project leadership. Her expertise is based on over 15 years of progressive corporate experience in software development, a proven track record as an international project manager and process leader, and a passion for cultivating high-performing teams.


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