Research management refers to the ability to seek new information and adapt it to your research needs. With our partners at McGill Libraries, we offer opportunities for graduate students to develop their organizational, technical and project management skills.

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MyResearch is a series of workshops tailored to graduate and postdoctoral students. It consists of four modules for each of the following subject areas: 1) agriculture, environmental sciences and nutrition, 2) health and biological sciences, 3) humanities, 4) social sciences, and 5) physical sciences and engineering.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 1: EndNote Essentials
Frustrated with trying to organize all of your references when writing a paper? Join McGill Libraries for a session that will teach you how to better manage and track your sources and cite properly using the EndNote program.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 2: Graduate Research Tool Kit
What tools are available to assist you with your graduate research? This session will teach you how to turn your ideas into search strategies, make the most of what the library offers, and effectively use the information you obtain in research to refine your topic.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 3: Search Strategies & Techniques
Are you using the best databases to conduct your research? Could your search strategies be more refined? This workshop will help you maximize your resource-gathering process by showing you how to use both general and discipline-specific research tools.

myResearch Graduate Seminar Series Module 4: Getting Your Research Out
What is the best way to communicate your research? Do you understand the intricacies of the peer review process? During this workshop, you will discuss how to find settings to best share your research in both a written and oral format as well as tips on the discipline-specific process of getting your research into the academic conversation.

There are currently no upcoming workshops available. Please check our calendar for future workshops.

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