Entrepreneurship 101


Entrepreneurship 101

Do you have a business idea but don’t know where to start? What are the key factors that lead to start-up success? This webinar will identify different resources available to start-ups, show you how to create a basic business plan, and highlight key documents that are important when setting up a new business. It will also review the pros and cons of different company sub-types: sole proprietorships, partnerships, incorporated, and non-profits.

Learning Outcomes:

• Identify what to take into consideration when starting a company.
• Explore how to create a business plan.
• Highlight the pros and cons of different business types.

Over the past decade, Alex has been involved with 5 distinct start-ups in different sectors, including non-profit, IT, and education. Since 2014, Alex has developed the Financial Skills for the Real World workshop/webinar series, delivering it to over 6,000 students at 4 different universities. He is looking forward to sharing his experience with you about the benefits and the drawbacks of being an entrepreneur.

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