Forms & guidelines


SIS guidelines & policies

McGill policies

> Handbook on Student Rights & Responsibilities. Includes:

  • Charter of Students' Rights
  • Students with Disabilities, Policy Concerning the Rights of
  • Accommodation of Religious Holy Days, Policy for the
  • Harassment, Sexual Harassment and Discrimination Prohibited by Law, Policy on
  • Hazing and Inappropriate Initiation Practices, Policy on
  • Code of Student Conduct and Disciplinary Procedures
  • Text-Matching Software, Policy on
  • E-Mail Communications with Students, Policy on
  • Responsible Use of McGill Infomation Technology Resources, Policy on
  • Library Users' Code of Behaviour
  • Conduct of Research, Regulation on the
  • Ethical Conduct of Research Involving Human Subjects, Policy on
  • Research Misconduct, Regulations Concerning Investigation of
  • Conflict of Interest, Regulation on
  • Safe Disclosure, Policy on
  • Ombudsperson for Students
  • Student Grievance Procedures, Code of

> Other documents related to students. Includes:

  • Animals, Policy on the Study and Care of
  • Anti-doping Policy
  • End of Course Evaluation Policy 
  • Freedom of Expression and Freedom of Peaceful Assembly, Statement of Principles Concerning
  • International Mobility Guidelines
  • University Student Assessment Policy

> Guidelines for Blogs & Wikis at McGill. See: Information Technology, McGill Secretariat
> Guidelines for the Use of Mobile Computing & Communications Devices in Classes at McGill. See: Information Technology, McGill Secretariat