Course outlines

The following is a selection of course outlines from previous and upcoming terms. These outlines are made available for reference purposes only. Official syllabi are made available at the beginning of each term in McGill's myCourses to students registered in the course.

For reference only. Read important disclaimer and copyright notice, below.

GLIS 601 Foundations of Information Studies File glis_601_-_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 603 Research Project 1                               Microsoft Office document icon glis603_604_647_outlineandapplication_rev2020-01-07.doc
GLIS 604 Research Project 2 Microsoft Office document icon glis603_604_647_outlineandapplication_rev2020-01-07.doc
GLIS 607 Organization of Information File organization_of_information_glis_607_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 608 Classification & Cataloguing  
GLIS 609 Metadata & Access


GLIS 611 Research Principles & Analysis  
GLIS 614 Public Libraries File glis_614_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 615 Reference and Information Services


GLIS 616 Information Retrieval PDF icon glis_616_mcgill_glis_web_syllabus.pdf
GLIS 617 Information System Design File information_system_design_glis_617_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 619 Information Behaviour and Resources File glis619_-_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 620 Managing Information Organizations File glis620_managing_information_organizations_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 625 Information Architecture

File glis625_information_architecture_web_syllabus.docx

GLIS 626 Usability Analysis & Assessment File web_syllabus_glis_626_fall_2020.docx
GLIS 627 User-Centered Design  
GLIS 629 Information Security  
GLIS 630 Data Mining  
GLIS 633 Multimedia Systems

File 633_f2020_syllabus_v20200706_websyllabus_template.docx

GLIS 634 Web System Design & Management  
GLIS 636 Government Information File glis_636_government_information_web_syllabus.docx
GLIS 639 Introduction to Museology  
GLIS 641 Archival Description & Access  
GLIS 642 Preservation Management

PDF icon 642f2020_syllabus_for_web.pdf

GLIS 644 Descriptive Bibliography  
GLIS 645 Archival Principles & Practice  
GLIS 647 Research Project 3 Microsoft Office document icon glis603_604_647_outlineandapplication_rev2020-01-07.doc
GLIS 649 Digital Curation


GLIS 656 Abstracting & Indexing  
GLIS 657 Database Design & Development


GLIS 660 Enterprise Content Management


GLIS 661 Knowledge Management

PDF icon GLIS 661 km foundations web syllabus.pdf

GLIS 662 Intellectual Capital


GLIS 663 Knowledge Taxonomies  
GLIS 664 Knowledge Networks  
GLIS 665 Competitive Intelligence  
GLIS 671  Health Sciences Information


GLIS 673 Bioinformatics Resources

File glis673_-_web_syllabus.docx

GLIS 679 Information Literacy

File glis679_-_web_syllabus.docx

GLIS 689 Selected Topics Microsoft Office document icon glis689_outlineandapplication_rev2020-01-07.doc
GLIS 691 Special Topics 1:
Information Search & Evaluation


GLIS 692 Special Topics 2:
Music Information Retrieval - User-Centered Approach
GLIS 693 Special Topics 3:
Information and Cognition
GLIS 699 Practicum

PDF icon GLIS 699 - Dalkir

GLIS 702 Seminar in Information Studies  
GLIS 704 Research Design in Information Studies  

Outlines are provided here for reference purposes only; content and assignments may change before the start of the course and may differ between course sections, years, or official versions of syllabi.

Copyright notice: These course outlines are covered by copyright. Reproduction or reuse is by express permission of the author unless otherwise indicated.

Reference versions of course outlines are made available at the discretion of the instructor; students interested in information about courses not listed here are invited to contact instructors directly.

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