Areas of Interest

In the Master of Information Studies (MISt) degrees at SIS, an area of interest corresponds to a set of courses in which students gain specific skills and knowledge in areas relevant to their career, academic, and personal goals. Students in the MISt programs build their own curriculum in consultation with an academic advisor. The curriculum may be based on one or more areas of interest or a personalized combination of courses.

The areas of interest described below are suggestions based on current course offerings. As the field of information studies is constantly evolving, course offerings may change to address changing professional requirements.

Personalized focus

Students with broad or general interests may tailor their program of studies by selecting a variety of complementary courses in consultation with academic advisors.

GLIS 689 - Selected Topics (for students in the general MISt degree program)

In addition to study in specific areas of interest, students in the general MISt degree program may want to focus on a topic not currently covered in the existing program. To that end, GLIS 689 - Selected Topics may be of interest. This course selection must first be discussed with the academic advisor and a suitable supervisor for the course must be found. A proposal must then be submitted to the potential supervisor. It is not advised to take this course in the first year of studies.


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