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Practicum site description

The Practicum program site description provides students with an introduction to potential Practicum projects, aids in their initial selection of preferred sites prior to the interview process, and helps the SIS Practicum Coordinator to facilitate the best matches between student interviewees and sites.

Site Supervisors: please include the following key elements in your site description:

1. Student activities/project description

This element is most critical as it describes what the student will do and presents opportunities for learning. Please include:

  • Professional-level projects the student may carry out, e.g., updating and validating authority files, exploring implications of Web 2.0, evaluating an archival collection, developing an expertise locator system.
  • Activities and tasks the student may participate in, e.g., reference, circulation, cataloguing.

When creating a summary of student activities, please ensure proposed projects are of scale suitable for completion during a total (maximum) of 120 hours over one academic semester.

To discuss suitable project scope or for samples of past projects, please contact the SIS Practicum Coordinator.

2. Site overview

Briefly describe the site itself, with emphasis on the following:

  • Short description of clientele, services offered, etc. A link to a website may provide more detailed information such as collection details, staffing, etc., which does not need to be provided here.
  • Emphasis on what is special or unique about your site.
  • Opportunity to highlight special characteristics.

Note: This section is not intended to provide an exhaustive description of the site; the emphasis will be on student activities and projects, above.

3. Specific requirements or qualifications

Include relevant requirements or qualifications, such as:

  • Knowledge/interests.
    (e.g., specific specializations such as Archival Studies, Knowledge Management, or Librarianship, or courses/backgrounds in areas such as Records Management, User Experience, Cataloguing, etc.). For reference, information on Master of Library & Information Studies specializations is available here.
  • Language skills relevant to the project.
  • Travel requirements, if any.


If you have any questions, are a potential Site Supervisor, or are interested in seeing examples of other site or project descriptions, please contact the SIS Practicum Coordinator.


Nathalie Blanchard
SIS Practicum Coordinator / Coordonatrice de stages
School of Information Studies / École des sciences de l'information
McGill University
3661 Peel St., Montreal, QC H3A 1X1