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Practicum student overview

Course outline

The course syllabus is found on the practicum Forms & Documents page. It is your first place to start for general practicum questions.

Selection and registration process

Following the receipt of the practicum applications, the Practicum Coordinator reviews ranked choices of practicum sites as indicated on each application and send the application letter and curriculum vitae (resume) to the sites. Students requests are matched to the site where possible as described below:

Factors influencing the matching process are, among others: Number of applicants who request the same site; requirements of the project and student qualifications; possible request by the site to restrict the number of student applications sent to them for review. Note that each site will give different emphasis to different student qualifications based on their specific requirements. All efforts are made to ensure that a student’s ranked choices are respected, but there is no guarantee of that, given the competitive nature of the process.

Please do not contact potential practicum sites directly to plan your practicum. Instead confirm the contact information of a site you are interested in with the practicum coordinator.

Prior to interviews,

  • The Site Supervisor makes the choice(s) of students to interview, following a review of the application(s).
  • The Site Supervisor indicates this information to the Practicum Coordinator.
  • The Practicum Coordinator informs the student they have been selected by the site for an interview.
  • The student is then responsible for contacting the Site Supervisor and arranging for an interview as soon as possible.
  • Note: normally a student is initially matched to one site. Subsequent interviews may be arranged as necessary.

Following interviews,

  • The Site Supervisor indicates their final choice to the Practicum Coordinator.
  • The Practicum Coordinator informs the student of the placement.
  • The student  is then responsible for contacting the Site Supervisor to finalize a Work Plan and the Agreement Document, with the appropriate signatures.
  • The student then must submit the signed Work Plan and Agreement to the Practicum Coordinator by the deadline (see Dates) for review and approval.

Following the receipt of these documents,

  • The Student Affairs Coordinator OR Administrative Assistant codes Minerva for GLIS 699 for the student.

  • The Student Affairs Coordinator OR Administrative Assistant informs the student their course has been coded.

  • The student registers for GLIS 699 in the upcoming term.



Q. Is there a prerequisite to the practicum?

Yes. You must have completed the four core courses (GLIS 601, 617, 611, and 620) as well as at least two of the required complementary courses in your stream to be eligible to the practicum.

Q. Can I do more than 1 practicum during my MLIS program?

The GLIS 699 Practicum may be taken once only during the MLIS degree.

Q. Are there prerequisites for the practicum?

Yes. You must be in good academic standing, have taken a certain number of core and complementary courses (outlined in the GLIS 699 syllabus), and have approval of both your advisor and the Practicum Coordinator. Please refer to the current syllabus for more details regarding prerequisites.

Q. Can I choose a practicum at a site outside of my stream?

Yes. All sites are open to students from all streams. However, the practicum is only considered a complimentary course if it is taken in your stream. If the practicum is outside your stream, it will be counted as a general elective.

Q. Can I suggest the recruitment of a site?

Yes. Students can suggest the recruitment of a site. If a student is aware of a site which they feel may be suitable for a practicum, they should immediately contact the Practicum Coordinator. Please note: students should not contact practicum sites directly. Students who contact a potential practicum site directly might have their practicum application cancelled. The Practicum Coordinator will then ensure that the requirements for a practicum site are fulfilled before proceeding further with the site recruitment. The timeline must be respected in all cases (see Dates).

Q. Can I obtain proof of health and safety insurance if my practicum site requests it?

Yes. Contact your practicum coordinator to request such proof of coverage.

Q. I am interested in travelling. Can I conduct a practicum outside of Canada?

Yes. You will have to attend a mandatory orientation and registration session with the International Registry Office beforehand. Please visit the International Travel Registry website for additional information on this.