Profiles List

Joan Bartlett

Academic title(s): Associate Professor
Research areas: Bioinformatics & biomedical information, Information interaction, Information literacy, Information seeking & use

Jamshid Beheshti

Academic title(s): Professor  (Post-Retirement Appointment: 2018-2019) Email:  
Research areas: Bibliometrics, altmetrics, Children's information behaviour, Human-computer interaction

France Bouthillier

Title: Associate Dean, Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies
Academic title(s): Associate Professor
Research areas: Assessment of digital resources in the medical sector, Cross-cultural competitive intelligence, Information needs of small businesses, Intelligence analysis

C. Colleen Cook

Academic title(s): Professor; Trenholme Dean of Libraries  
Research areas: Library assessment, Service quality & delivery

Kimiz Dalkir

Title: Director
Academic title(s): Director & Associate Professor
Research areas: Collaboration success factors, Creativity & innovation management, Information & knowledge management, Knowledge sharing (human, social & technological enablers), Organizational learning & managing lessons learned, Preservation & transfer of expertise, Tacit knowledge management

Max Evans

Academic title(s): Associate Professor
Research areas: Information & knowledge management, Knowledge continuity management & succession planning, Knowledge sharing (human, social & technological enablers), Organizational trust & trust management, Tacit knowledge management

Ilja Frissen

Academic title(s): Associate Professor  
Research areas: Auditory perception & cognition, Information interaction, Information seeking & use, Multimodal cognition, Multisensory perception

Benjamin C. M. Fung

Academic title(s): Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity; Associate Professor, School of Information Studies
Research areas: Data mining & databases, Electronic health records (EHR), Information retrieval, Information security & privacy, Information sharing & integration

Catherine Guastavino

Academic title(s): Associate Professor; William Dawson Scholar - School of Information Studies Associate Member - Schulich School of Music Member - Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology (CIRMMT)
Research areas: Auditory perception & cognition, Categorization, Multimodal cognition, Music archiving & retrieval

Charles-Antoine Julien

Academic title(s): Assistant Professor
Research areas: Human-computer interaction, Information organization, Information retrieval, Information visualization

Karyn Moffatt

Academic title(s): Associate Professor Canada Research Chair in Inclusive Social Computing    
Research areas: Accessibility of computer systems, Computer-mediated communication within families & across generations, Human-computer interaction, Interactive technologies for older users & individuals with disabilities

Eun G. Park

Academic title(s): Associate Professor
Research areas: Cloud computing - trust, Digital curation, Electronic health records (EHR), Enterprise content management (ECM), Ontology modeling, semantic web, Trusted digital repositories