Andrew Large

Dr. Andrew Large


Canadian National-Pratt-Grinstad Professor Emeritus
in Information Studies



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Abridged Curriculum Vitae

For additional information, please refer to the full CV, above.


PhD (Soviet and East European Studies), University of Glasgow; Grad. Dip.(Library and Information Studies), University of London; BSc (Economics - International Relations), University of London

PhD supervision


Research Interests

  • Information-seeking behaviour
  • Human-computer interaction

Selected Research Activities

2010-2013 SSHRC
Virtual Environments as an Intervention Agent in the Information-Seeking Process of Elementary School Students
Principal Investigator: J. Beheshti; Co-Investigators: A. Large, C. Cole

2007-2012 SSHRC
Visualization Models of a Hierarchical Taxonomy in Children's Web Portals
Principal Investigator: A. Large; Co-Investigator: J. Beheshti

2006-2007 SSHRC
A Children's Web Portal for Canadian History: From Research Prototype to Classroom Resource.
Principal Investigator: A. Large; Co-Investigator: J. Beheshti

2005-2006 Heritage Canada, Virtuel Age International, McGill University
An Intelligent Virtual Environment: Paintings as Virtual Gateways to Social and Cultural History
Principal Investigators: J. Beheshti, A. Large & K. Kee (Brock University)

2004-2007 SSHRC
A Virtual Interface for Children's Web Portals
Principal Investigator: J. Beheshti; Co-Investigator: A. Large

Selected Publications and Presentations

J. Beheshti, A. Large & M. Tam. Transaction logs and search patterns on a children’s portal. Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science 34 (4), 2010, 391-402.

A.Large, J. Beheshti, I. Clement, N. Tabatabaei & M. Tam. Visualizing a hierarchical taxonomy in a children’s web portal: User Evaluations of a prototype. Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science 33 (2/4), 2009, 255-282.

A. Large, J. Beheshti, N. Tabatabaei & V. Nesset. Developing a Visual Taxonomy: Children’s Views on Aesthetics. Journal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology 60 (9), 2009, 1808-1822.

K. Kee, S. Graham, P. Dunae, J. Lutz, A. Large, M. Blondau & M. Clare. Towards a theory of good history through gaming. Canadian Historical Review 90 (2), 2009, 303-326.

A. Large, V. Nesset, N. Tabatabaei & J. Beheshti. Bonded Design Re-visited: Involving Children in Information Visualization Design. Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science 32 (3/4), 2008, 107-139.

A. Large, V. Nesset & J. Beheshti. Children as information seekers: What researchers tell us. The New Review of Children's Literature and Librarianship 14 (2), 2008, 121-140.

A. Large. Children and Information Technology. In Gloria J. Leckie & John E. Buschman, eds. Information Technology in Librarianship: New Critical Approaches. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2009, 181-203.

L. Bowler & A. Large. Design-Based Research for LIS. Library and Information Science Research 30 (2008), 39-46.

K. Ehmann, A. Large & J. Beheshti. Collaboration in context: comparing article evolution among subject disciplines in Wikipedia. First Monday 13 (10), 2008

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A. Large, J. Beheshti, V. Nesset & L. Bowler. Children's Web Portals: Can an Intergenerational Design Team Deliver the Goods? In Mary K. Chelton & Colleen Cool, eds. Youth Information-Seeking Behavior, Volume 2 . Lantham: Scarecrow Press, 2007, 279-311.

A. Large, V. Nesset, J. Beheshti & L. Bowler. Bonded Design: A methodology for designing with children. In S. Kurniawan & P. Zaphiris, eds. Advances in Universal Web Design and Evaluation: Research Trends and Opportunities . Hershey , PA : Idea Group Publishing, 2007, 73-96.

A. Large, L. Bowler, J. Beheshti & V. Nesset. Creating Web Portals with Children as Designers: Bonded Design and the Zone of Proximal Development. McGill Journal of Education 42 (1), 2007, 61-82.

A. Large, ed. Empowering Information Professionals: A Training Programme on Information and Communications Technology . Bangkok : UNESCO, 2006

A. Large, Nesset, V., Beheshti, J. & Bowler, L. ‘Bonded Design': A novel approach to intergenerational information technology design. Library and Information Science Research 28 (1), 2006, 64-82 .

Tedd, L.A. & A. Large. Digital Libraries: Principles and Practice in a Global Environmen t. Munich : K.G. Saur, 2005, xix, 280pp.

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