Course outlines

The following is a selection of course outlines from previous and upcoming terms. These outlines are made available for reference purposes only. Official syllabi are made available at the beginning...


Timetables Outlines Registration Timetables for 2019/2020

Areas of interest

In the Master of Information Studies (MISt) degrees at SIS, an area of interest corresponds to a particular set of courses in which students gain specific skills and knowledge in areas relevant to...

External electives policy

Master of Information Studies students may be granted permission to take up to 12 credits (4 courses) of elective courses offered outside of the School, either at McGill or at other universities;...

MISt program requirements

For students who entered the MISt program in or before Fall '15: View program requirements in the 2015/16 MISt Student Handbook. The Master of Information Studies; Non-Thesis is a 48-credit program.

PhD program requirements

All PhD in Information Studies students are required to take the following courses. For up-to-date scheduling information, view the timetables or consult theĀ Minerva Dynamic Schedule.