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This page features administrative information for SIS faculty and staff. See also Forms, guidelines & policies.


Administrative staff

  • Cathy Venetico Administrative Coordinator Rm. 102. Contact Cathy for: Building access cards, keys, copy cards, assignment collection (classes over 45), room bookings, payroll questions.
  • Kathryn Hubbard Administrative & Student Affairs Coordinator Rm. 101. Contact Kathryn for: student-related questions, e.g. registration & application questions, class lists, exams, marks, classroom needs.


Building & offices

Building access

Regular office hours for 3661 Peel is 8:30 – 4:00. Ring bell from 4:00 to 4:30. Access outside of these hours is through card access. To gain access, use your McGill ID card. If you do not have one, the School's General Office will issue you a guest access card for the term in which you are teaching. Please pick up your guest access card when you pick up your keys.



  • Voice mail instructions: "Personalize your telephone - set up your voice mailbox" Note that there are 3 messages to update: your name (i.e., "personal verification," internal message, and external message)
  • Telephone user guide/manual, including instructions on how to transfer calls, forward calls, and do conference calls, as well as setting various functions on your phone: "Telephony at McGill" Scroll down to the "Training & Documentation" section. Check the bottom of your Meridian phone to confirm the code (e.g. M2008) and select the correct user guide. In the "Training & Documentation" section, see also the document "CallPilot - Multimedia Messaging User Guide (for telephone commands)" for diagrams of keypad commands, etc.



Instructors are each allocated a mailbox in the School at 3661 Peel. Mail from students will be received by the School's General Office and put in your mailbox.


Sessional Lecturer offices

There are two office locations for the School’s Sessional Lecturers:

  • In the School at 3661 Peel, the Sessional Lecturer office is Room 207. Phone: 398-3365.
  • Room B169 in the Education Bldg is assigned to the School for use by both sessional lecturers and faculty. You can leave materials there, or just use it as a coatroom. If you are using a School loaner laptop for teaching purposes, you can also leave it in this office.

You will be given keys to both these offices by the School's General Office at the beginning of the term in which you teach. A deposit will be required for the Medeco key for Room 207 at 3661 Peel. The deposit will be returned to you at the end of your teaching term when you return the key.



Assignment collection

Normally, assignments from students should be received in class by the instructor. However, for larger classes (over 45), arrangements can be made with the School's General Office to accept assignments during a specified time frame and hold them for the instructor to pick up. Each instructor should return papers, memos, etc. to the students in their class in order to preserve the confidentiality of work.


Copy cards (uPrint)

Sessional lecturers are assigned a uPrint resource account and accompanying proximity card. This card will be associated with your teaching.

Faculty members use their McGill ID card to copy and print. 

Read more: UPrint: Campus Printing for Faculty & Staff


Room bookings

  • 3661 Peel: Rm. 106 and Rm. 310 are available for booking when not in use for courses or meetings. Contact any of the SIS administrative staff to verify availability; contact Cathy Venetico to book these rooms.
  • Education Bldg.: Rooms can be booked in Education by submitting a room request form, found on the Faculty of Education's room booking page.
  • SIS/Graduate IT Lab: To reserve the IT lab, contact Cathy Venetico at 514-398-4204, (ext.0630) or cathy.venetico [at]

HR & benefits

HR & benefits quick links for faculty & staff:


Records Management

For reference, MURRS is a compilation of general rules based on surveys of McGill University record keeping practices. MURRS link and best practices for email, digital records, scanning, etc.

> McGill's Record Retention Schedule (MURRS)
> Digital permanence - best practices


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