News 1998


McGill Opens Door to Part-time MLIS Study

Recognizing the economic and family pressures upon would-be candidates, the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (GSLIS) as of September 1998 will accept part-time students (that is, a student taking between one and three courses per semester) into its Master of Library and Information Studies program.

The School's Director, Dr. Andrew Large, commented that for many would-be students, part-time study is the only feasible approach, and McGill's GSLIS wishes to make the route to a professional qualification as straight forward as possible. Part-time study is already in place for the Graduate Diploma in Library and Information Studies.

New Director to Head Graduate School of Library and Information Studies, McGill University

On 1 July 1998, Dr. Jamshid Beheshti will assume the Directorship of the Graduate School of Library and Information Studies (GSLIS), McGill University. Jamshid Beheshti joined the GSLIS as an Assistant Professor in 1984 and was promoted to Associate Professor in 1993. He has a B.A. from Simon Fraser University, and a Master of Library Science and a Ph.D. from the School of Library and Information Science, University of Western Ontario. Dr. Ted Wall, Dean of the Faculty of Education, expressed his pleasure that "someone who has used technology and conducted research on its wise use will be assuming the directorship".

Dr. Beheshti will be taking over from Andrew Large, who has held the directorship for the past nine years. Dr. Large intends to devote himself full-time to teaching and research at McGill. He commented: "I have had the pleasure of meeting the challenges of the job for some years, and now it is time to hand over the baton to a talented, enthusiastic and energetic colleague".

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