Summer Symposium on Research in Information Science: Current & Future Trends


School of Information Studies, 3661 Peel, Rm. 106, Montreal, CA

The McGill School of Information Studies and the ASIS&T McGill Student Chapter invite you to attend the Summer Symposium on Research in Information Science: Current and Future Trends made possible with the special participation of a number of ASIS&T (Association for Information Science & Technology) Board Members.

From documentation to Big Data, from information retrieval to information-seeking behaviour, research in the field of information science has evolved in many directions over the years. Where are we going as a field? What are our core domains or skills? How do we prepare the future generation of information specialists, scientists, and scholars to address information problems? Join us at this informal event to learn from those at the forefront of LIS research and education.

Panel members:

  • Andrew Dillon, Dean, School of Information, University of Texas at Austin, ASIS&T President
  • Harry Bruce, Dean, School of Information, University of Washington, ASIS&T President-Elect
  • Diane Sonnenwald, Head, School of Information and Library Studies, University College Dublin, ASIS&T Past President
  • Katriina Byström, Associate Professor, Swedish School of Library and Information Science, University of Borås, ASIS&T Director-at-Large
  • Sanda Erdelez, Professor, School of Information Science and Technology, University of Missouri, ASIS&T Director-at-Large
  • Diane Rasmussen-Pennington, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Information & Media Studies, Western Ontario, ASIS&T Director-at-Large

Moderator: France Bouthillier, Director, School of Information Studies, McGill University