Manager: Mark Hancock, Ph.D.
Office: 514-398-1350
E-mail: mark.hancock [at]

McGill Multiplexing Facility

Offering distinct advantages over other bead- and flow-based multiplexing technologies, Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) provides a rapid, fluidics-free platform to simultaneously quantitate up to 10 proteins in biological samples (e.g. serum, tissue, cell supernatants).  Using standard or customized panels to profile wide-ranging targets (e.g. cytokines in inflammation, biomarkers in neurodegenerative disease), quantitative MSD immunoassays minimize sample volume, time, and cost compared to traditional methods (ELISA, RIA, Western).  As described at, our facility is equipped with a MSD SI2400 system to deliver precise, reliable measurements (large dynamic range of 1 – 50,000 pg/mL) of native biomarker concentrations in normal and diseased samples.

Selected Publications

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User Fees

$ 40 per hour


  1. User fee’ will be charged regardless of experimental outcome.