Letters and Forms

Please note that there is a $15 processing fee for manually completed letters and forms.
Submitting multiple requests will further delay processing.


Proof of enrolment letter

Can be printed directly from Minerva (these are considered official, are widely acceptable, and bear the registrar's signature and the university seal):


  1. Proof of Enrolment/Graduation (e.g. for OPUS, financial institutions and government offices)


  1. Proof of Expected-to-Graduate Status (i.e. proof that you have applied for graduation)
    • Same as above, but bearing the following sentence: “Awaiting senate approval, [student] is expected to graduate in [term]”
    • You must already have a “graduation flag” on your academic record (i.e. you have already applied to graduate)


  1. Proof of Credits Completed To-Date (e.g. for RESP providers or to renew your immigration documents)
    • indicates the number of credits you have thus far completed and the total number of years of your program


For detailed information on enrolment letters and common organizations which require proof or confirmation of enrolment, please visit the Enrolment Letters website.

Confirmation of enrolment forms

Many organizations accept the Minerva enrolment letter in lieu of a completed form. Visit the Enrolment Letters website for a detailed list of known organizations that do not require a form completion.


Should the Minerva letter be insufficient, certain forms can be completed to confirm a student’s enrolment at McGill. Submit your request by contacting Service Point.



  1. Documents must be in scanned .pdf format
  2. A $15 processing fee for manually completed forms will be charged to your Student Fee Account.

Letters for Immediate Download

These letters include the registrar’s signature and Enrolment Services stamp and are available for immediate use if required. Please note these letters will not be modified or amended.


The following letters are available:

  • Academic Summer Break 2022
  • Registration dates Letter Fall 2022-Winter 2023
  • Sessional Dates Letters- the calendar dates for the academic year (including the exam period)
  • Language of instruction of the University
  • McGill’s accreditation information
  • Services not currently available at Service Point
  • Letter confirming return to In-person Teaching Activities - Fall 2021 and Winter 2022
  • Letters confirming the remote delivery of the Fall 2020, Winter 2021, and Summer 2021 semesters
  • Adjusted academic measures Fall 2020 and Winter 2021


Post Graduate Work Permit Letters (PGWP)

This letter is provided exceptionally for the purpose of applying for the post-graduation work permit in Canada. If you require a letter prior to the Senate meeting (in which degrees are conferred) for another reason, you may print or save your proof of enrolment letter with the “Expected to graduate” notation or consult your faculty student affairs office or graduate department.

In order to process your letter, your faculty student affairs office, graduate department, or the thesis office must confirm that you have been approved for graduation.

To verify your graduation status, review your Graduation Approval Query in Minerva: Student Menu > Student Records Menu > Graduation Approval Query

NOTE: A $15 processing fee for manually completed letters will be charged to your Student Fee Account.


Fee letters

The e-bill, Minerva Account Summary by Term, and tax slips (e.g. T4A, T2202, Relevé1 or Relevé8) are the main documents provided to students to substantiate their fee status at McGill. These are all available to students within Minerva and are accessible 24/7.


Proof of Payment

The following two proof of payment letters are available in your Minerva account under the Student Accounts Menu:

  1. E-bills: issued during the first 5 days of the month, will itemize all the charges and payments in your account since the previous e-bill's issuance. The e-bill is displayed in an easy to print PDF format.
  2. Account Summary by term: available under the Student Accounts menu in Minerva, and lists items and transactions up to midnight of the previous day.


Fee estimate letter

Information regarding the tuition and fees for future terms is available on our Student Accounts website. Note that the amount of tuition and fees charged vary according to several different factors (e.g. academic program, number of credits, tuition residency status, etc.) and hence we do not provide fee estimate letters.

If you have been formally asked by a funding agency or by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for a fee estimate letter, you may submit a request by contacting Service Point. You must provide proof that the letter is indeed required by IRCC or by an external funding agency.

NOTE: A $15 processing fee for manually completed letters will be charged to your Student Fee Account.


Tuition reimbursement forms

For limited scenarios, certain forms are required by students whose parent(s) work for an International non-governmental organization, such as the United Nations, World Bank, or International Monetary Fund. The completion of these forms attest proof of school registration and confirmation of tuition and fees paid.


  1. The University cannot attest to a student’s dates of enrolment until after the semester is officially completed, including all final exams. These types of requests are completed once per year (beginning in May) for students enrolled in both the Fall & Winter terms.
  2. Indicate the name of the form and the semester for which it is required.
  3. A $15 processing fee for manually completed forms will be charged to your Student Fee Account.

Something else?

Service Point can also provide the following:

  1. Academic Standing including percentile rank (only available for students in either the Faculty of Arts or the Faculty of Science)
  2. French version of the Minerva Proof of Enrolment letter
  3. Letter confirming completion of degree requirements, for a foreign immigration authority (e.g. in support of your visa application to work in the USA)
  4. The Proof of Enrolment letter in Minerva doesn't work for me (e.g. displays blank fields)


See our FAQ page (bottom of page) for more information


Still have a question? Submit your request to Service Point for review.



  1. Documents must be in scanned .pdf format
  2. A $15 processing fee for manually completed forms or letters will be charged to your Student Fee Account.
  3. Submitting multiple requests will further delay processing
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