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Email Options for Parents and Third Parties

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Please note that Service Point cannot discuss any elements
of an applicant or student file with a third party.


What can we help you with? Choose from the options below or refer to frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Was my payment received? What’s the current balance?

Students (and authorized guests) can view account activity in the Account Summary by Term (viewable in Minerva under the Student Accounts Menu). The Account Summary by Term is updated daily and tracks fees and received payments, whereas the e-bill is a static statement issued at the beginning of each month. 

How can I verify if a student studied at McGill?

Students can provide a proof of enrolment letter, and/or an official copy of their transcript or diploma in order to demonstrate their completed studies.

How can I order a transcript or diploma on behalf of someone?

Authorized third parties can order a transcript or diploma on behalf of a student or alumni through McGill's e-store.

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