Qualifications for Senate Membership

Members of the Academic Staff:

There are 50 members of the academic staff on Senate:

  • 10 from the Faculty of Arts;
  • 3 from the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences;
  • 1 from the Faculty of Dentistry;
  • 2 from the Faculty of Education;
  • 5 from the Faculty of Engineering;
  • 2 from the Faculty of Law;
  • 13 from the Faculty of Medicine;
  • 2 from the Schulich School of Music;
  • 2 from the Desautels Faculty of Management;
  • 9 from the Faculty of Science; and
  • 1 from the School of Continuing Studies.

All professors, associate professors, assistant professors, and full-time faculty lecturers appointed to the faculty by the Board of Governors, or otherwise authorized by the faculty concerned are eligible to serve on Senate.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

A full member of the University academic staff, insofar as these terms relate to election to Senate, is one who holds a full-time appointment in the University as a faculty lecturer, a University lecturer, an assistant professor, an associate professor or a full professor. The term "full-time appointment" should embrace the medical variant, "geographical full-time."

Source: Senate Minute 3, September 10, 1969
Amendment: Senate Minute 162, May 27, 1970

Librarian Members:

There are three representatives of the McGill Library on Senate.
All librarians performing the function of librarian in the University's library system are eligible to serve on Senate.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

Administrative and Support Staff Member:

There are six representatives of the administrative and support staff on Senate, two from each of the following three constituencies:

  • Group 1: Faculties of Arts, Education, Law, Management, and the Schulich School of Music; School of Continuing Studies; and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Provost, the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation), the Principal, and the Secretary-General.
  • Group 2: Faculties of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, Dentistry, Engineering, Medicine, and Science; the University Libraries; and non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Deputy Provost.
  • Group 3: Non-faculty administrative and support services reporting to the Vice-Principals (Administration and Finance) and (University Advancement)

All full-time members of the administrative and support staff are eligible to serve on Senate.

Source: Statutes, Article

Faculty at-Large:

There are three representatives of the academic staff at-large on Senate.

All full‐time academic staff at‐large of McGill University, including ranked contract academic staff, who hold the rank of full professor, associate professor, assistant professor and faculty lecturer are eligible to serve on Senate. At-large members may come from any department but would be able to represent interdisciplinary academic programs, or academic interests beyond the single department level.

Source: Statutes, Article 6.1.1

Senate Attendance:

Whenever a member of Senate will be on leave from the University for a period longer than three months, or will be unable to attend Senate for a period of the same length, the Senate seat shall be declared vacant and the competent body shall elect a successor for a full term of office.

Source: Senate Minute 1, May 7, 1997

Student Members:

There are 21 student members on Senate: 

  • 1 student from the MCSS membership;
  • 2 students from the MACES membership;
  • 5 students from the PGSS membership (including one member elected from among postdoctoral students); and
  • 13 students from the SSMU membership.

The eligibility of students for membership on Senate at the time of their nomination or election, and while holding office is determined by the following conditions:

  • They are registered as graduate or undergraduate students in a degree or diploma program of the University and are taking not less than three year-long courses or eighteen credits or their equivalent; or
  • They are registered as postdoctoral scholars or medical residents; or
  • They are members of the executives of the Students' Society of McGill University or of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society, and are registered students of the University; or
  • They are registered in the School of Continuing Studies.
  • Non-resident students and full-time members of the teaching staff are ineligible.

Suspension under the Student Disciplinary Code renders a student ineligible for office where such suspension is of all University privileges and is in force at the time of nomination or election. Such suspension during a term of office renders a student member of the Senate ineligible to sit on Senate or its committees so long as the suspension lasts.

Source: Statutes, Articles 6.1.1 to


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