Parts XXI - XXIV

XXI. Records:

The minutes of meetings prepared by the Secretary and approved by Senate, together with all documents circulated or tabled, would constitute the official record.

XXII. Routine Functions - A Steering Committee:

As a portion of Senate's business is of a routine nature rarely involving questions of policy, e.g., duplicate diplomas, selection committees, delegates to academic functions, etc., there is no reason why these items should not be dealt with by some smaller body than the whole of Senate, provided that it submits regular reports of actions taken (in writing).

Senate, therefore, shall be served by a Steering Committee of eight members - the Principal, one vice-principal, and six additional members elected by Senate, at least one of whom should be a student. The Steering Committee shall carry out the routine functions noted above, direct items to standing committees, follow up decisions taken by Senate, prepare the Agenda for Senate meetings, and deal with some of the contingencies that arise between meetings. A written report of actions taken by the Steering Committee shall be submitted to Senate at its regular meetings.

XXIII. Meetings and Minutes of Senate Committees:

Certain Senate committees deal habitually with topics that involve the private affairs of individuals and it is, therefore, recommended that they should continue to hold closed meetings. These committees may be opened if committee members so decide when policy questions are being discussed. These committees are:

The Honorary Degrees and Convocations Committee
The Nominating Committee
The University Admissions Committee
The University Committee on Scholarships and Student Aid
All selection committees

All other Senate committees and subcommittees should accept the same procedure as Senate, i.e., meetings should be open to observers, except in extraordinary circumstances when the majority of the members present vote to meet in closed session. In such cases, public justification should be given.

Reports and minutes of Senate committees, which have not been declared confidential, should be deposited for public access in the McLennan and Macdonald Campus Libraries as soon as they are prepared, and those reports and minutes be retained until the first of January following the session in which they were prepared.

XXIV. Elections to Committees and Other Bodies:

Once the period for a call for nominations for those committees and other bodies for which elections by Senate are required has expired with no nominations, or simply one nomination per stated position having been received, the matter is referred to the Senate Nominating Committee, that body to make appropriate proposals so that an election may be carried out, except in the case of nomination and election to the Nominating Committee itself where the matter shall be referred to the Senate Steering Committee for similar action.

Senate (Secretary of Senate) shall be responsible for informing the SSMU, the PGSS, the MCSS, and the MACES of all positions on Senate committees and subcommittees which are open to students. Such notice shall be given by the second week of the academic year or as soon as such positions become open.