Youth Outreach Program

the pitch

Help support Youth Outreach Program activities and create a safe and accepting environment where Montreal youth can grow and thrive!

the highlights

With your help we can:

  • Create opportunities for self-expression and the development of interpersonal skills, while promoting the learning of soft and literacy skills
  • Plan activities that respond to youth needs by taking a collaborative approach
  • Grow our program by building awareness and providing more support to current volunteers

the story

The Youth Outreach Program is dedicated to helping Montreal youth who live in group homes develop literacy and soft skills. We have seven groups of volunteers who conduct weekly visits to Montreal groups homes and facilitate hour-long activities. These visits are intended to provide youth with an outlet for self-expression in a safe space.

Your support will be instrumental in helping us grow and expand our program by giving current volunteers with more resources, and by increasing the visibility of our group. We hope to provide current volunteers prepaid metro passes and a budget for activities with youth. We also hope to be able to create events and promotional materials to help advertise the program at McGill.

Youth Outreach Program allows McGill students to give back to their community. Not only does it allow us to engage with our surroundings, but it is also an experience that helps us grow!

Meet the Project Team: 
Nour Fahmy
  • Political Science, Islamic Studies and Anthropology
  • Co-President
  • I am 22 years old and I can’t drive
Laura Osborne
  • Psychology, Sociology and Indigenous Studies
  • Co-President
  • I went to art school for 7 years for film
Brett Brekkas
  • Honors Cognitive Science
  • VP Social
  • My goal is to be an SLP and work with kids who have communication disorders
Emma Lounsbury
  • Psychology, Communication Studies and English Literature
  • VP Events
  • I love to bake sweet treats
Selene Coiffard-D'Amico
  • Economics and Philosophy
  • VP Finance
  • I have written, directed, and presented a play in the span of 48 hours