Students in Mind Conference 2019

The Pitch

Students in Mind is a mental health conference run by students, for students, aimed at raising mental health awareness and cultivating a mentally healthy, empathetic McGill community. The conference includes interactive panels, engaging workshops and inspiring guest speakers.

the highlights

With your help we can:

  • Disseminate knowledge of mental health throughout the McGill community;
  • Empower participants by connecting them to mental health resources;
  • Reduce the stigma surrounding mental health.

The Story

Students in Mind is an annual conference that aims to improve the mental well-being of the McGill community. The conference includes a host of events that improve knowledge of mental health, promoting empathy and lessening stigma. Participants learn strategies to both improve their own mental health and support their peers.

To maximize accessibility, entry to Students in Mind is pay-as-you-can. As such, the entire conference runs on the generosity of donors. We need your help to ensure the continuation of this event. Your support will help us rent a venue, compensate guest speakers, procure materials for panels and workshops, and provide food and resource bags to 200 participants.

Students in Mind has been publicly recognized, including an appearance on Breakfast Television. The conference has also received commendation from Sophie Grégoire Trudeau.

Help us improve access to mental health resources by supporting Students in Mind.

Meet the Project Team: 
Dalya Kablawi
  • Anatomy and Cell Biology Major; Economics Minor
  • VP External
  • I can speak Korean!
Madeleine Mak
  • Major in Cognitive Science & Minor in International Development Studies
  • President
  • I'm left handed but I only play sports with my right
Rayoun Ramendra
  • Major in Microbiology and Immunology with a Minor in Biotechnology
  • Director of Logistics
  • I can cook chicken in the dishwasher
Madeleine Derungs
  • Major in History, Minor in Gender, Sexuality and Feminist Studies
  • VP Internal
  • I host a weekly feminist country radio show
Julia Caddy
  • Major in Psychology, Minor in Communication Studies
  • Communications Director
  • I spent the summer on top of a mountain working at a backcountry teahouse
Juliana Keefler-Johnson
  • Major in Political Science, Minor in History and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Director of Finance
  • I'm obsessed with my doggo Maggie