Strategic Planning and Community Involvement Committee

Medical students tend to have a general desire to help others. For many, this natural drive to heal and nurture is what motivates them to attend med school in the first place. It comes as no surprise then, that prior to enrolling many students are actively involved in initiatives and programs that seek to better their communities. Despite their best efforts, the rigors of medical school often have a direct impact on students’ ability to maintain their involvement in such projects. The Strategic Planning and Community Involvement Committee (SPCI) is hoping to change that by providing support, funding, and resources for McGill’s MDCM students, and student groups, seeking to engage in community-based initiatives. We believe our med students are capable of having a substantial impact on the world around them, and as such, it’s our mandate to give them the tools and guidance required to do so. Community involvement is beneficial not only to those receiving services, it’s also crucial to the development of well-rounded medical professionals, and to the Faculty of Medicine’s role as a vehicle for positive societal change.

This SPCI initiative has three primary goals:

  1. Empower students, and student groups (such as the Medical Student’s Society of McGill Clubs, interest groups, and inter-professional student teams) wishing to initiate and/or consolidate innovative community-based projects;
  2. Encourage and assist in the creation and execution of promising projects through institutional and financial support;
  3. Improve the structure and organization of community outreach projects pursued by McGill’s medical students.
Meet the Project Team: 
Esli Osmanlliu
  • Spearheaded the Community Involvement Program, which then lead to the creation of the SPCI.
  • Medicine, Class of 2014. Admitted to the McGill Pre-Med program prior to MDCM.
  • Will be a pediatric resident as of July 1st, 2014.
Carl White Ulysse
  • Co-coordinator of the SPCI
  • 2nd year MD,CM student
  • Used to play alto sax in jazz band, and last concert was at the Montreal Jazz Festival
  • Acts as liaison between the SPCI and MSS