Send McGill Rowers to Nationals

the pitch

Help us send the McGill Rowing Team to the Canadian University Rowing Championships (CURCs) in British Columbia!

the highlights

•    Motivate our student-athletes as they prepare for the intense competition of the CURCs
•    Reduce the costs of travel for our athletes to the CURCs, making it more feasible for the team to go
•    Allow our rowers to represent McGill on a national level

the story

The McGill University Rowing Team is composed of hardworking student-athletes and coaches dedicated to excelling in the sport of rowing. While some of us were introduced to the sport early on, others of us have backgrounds in different sports. Nonetheless, we are united through our passion for rowing and our willingness to challenge our limits, all the while upholding and respecting the highest student-athlete standards. We train throughout the year, both on and off the water, to be able to excel at various regattas and represent McGill throughout the rowing world.

After a great performance at the Canadian University Rowing Championships (CURCs) in 2016, our top athletes will once again have the opportunity to showcase their handiwork and represent McGill at this regatta on November 4 and 5, in Burnaby, BC. We hope to support our teammates by reducing the costs of their travel to the CURCs. With your help, we can send our rowers to once again represent McGill in a highly competitive national regatta!


Meet the Project Team: 
Shelly Yin

•    Third year student in Neuroscience
•    Started as a Novice in 2015; second year Varsity; Project Head and VP Fundraising
•    A huge enthusiast of honey, spontaneity, and high altitudes

Craig McCullogh

•    Master’s student in Microbiology and Immunology  
•    Fourth year Varsity; team President
•    It took me two years to convince me to get in a rowing shell, but only two strokes to fall in love with the sport


Jenny He

•    Fourth year student in Microbiology and Immunology
•    Started as a Novice in 2014; third year Varsity
•    My two front teeth are fake!


Julia Milosz

•    Third year student in Cognitive Science
•    Started as a Novice in 2015; second year Varsity;  
•    I can eat a tub of ice cream in less than 10 minutes


Manuel Bolduc

•    First year student in Joint Honours Mathematics and Physics
•    First year varsity
•    At my first race in a single (ERAs), I tipped twice and ended up racing 14 minutes on a 2k


Sarah Zhou

•    Second year student in Medicine
•    Started as Novice in 2012 at McMaster; second year varsity at McGill

Kobi Pollard

•    First year student in Science
•    Novice 2017
•    My doctor told me I had reached my max height but I grew taller so I am a freak of nature