Run for Outreach 2018

The Pitch

Help us raise funds needed to treat more patients through McGill’s Service to the Community Program and help them achieve optimal oral health.

The Highlights

With your help, we can

  • Deliver free and reduced cost dental care to underserved people in Montreal.
  • Foster awareness of the McGill Dentistry Service to the Community Program within the Montreal community.
  • Provide dentistry students with hands-on experience in diverse clinical settings.

The Story

Imagine that you have a terrible toothache and need to see a dentist, but you can’t because of financial hardship, lack of insurance, physical and/or psychological disabilities or a host of other reasons. For people in these circumstances, seeking dental care can be difficult, intimidating, or simply impossible. In addition, dental health that is neglected or left untreated often leads to other health and psychosocial problems.

For over 20 years, McGill’s Faculty of Dentistry has provided free and reduced cost dental care to diverse members of the Montreal community who have limited or no access to care through our Service to the Community Program. Staffed by McGill dentistry students, the Service to the Community Program offers services at the Undergraduate Teaching Clinic at 2001 McGill College, the McGill Mobile Dental Clinic, the Jim Lund Clinic at Welcome Mission Hall, the Summer Clinic and the Montreal Children’s Hospital. Last year alone, we treated 6,187 patients through our Service to the Community Program.

In order to provide quality care to vulnerable populations, the Program relies heavily on philanthropic gifts. That’s why we’re asking for your support of the 12th Annual Run for Outreach, a much anticipated student-led fundraising event consisting of a 5km and 10km run around Mount Royal park on September 29, 2018. This event gathers students, faculty, and members of the community to raise funds for our School's outreach program so we can continue to provide quality care to patients.

Service to the Community is a proud tradition at the Faculty and one of the main reasons why we, as students, have chosen to study dentistry at McGill. With your help, we will be able to continue to offer the best possible care to our patients and ensure they maintain quality oral health, general health, and overall well being despite any hardships.

Please join us in celebrating 20 years of McGill dental outreach, which has evolved into a comprehensive program spanning diverse sites and clinics and touches many members of our community. A huge thank you to all those who have loyally supported this program over the last 2, 5, 10, and 20 years!

Thank you!

Our runners are also competing with each other to raise the most funds. You can help them by mentioning their names on the comment wall so that we can recognize the person who raised the most money!

Meet the Project Team: 
Stamatis Kouniaris
  • Second year Dental student
  • Co-coordinator
  • I am learning how to code in my spare time.
Mallory Laframboise
  • Fourth year Dental student 
  • Co-coordinator
  • I’m training for my ninth ½ marathon!
Magdalena Klus
  • I am a fourth year Dentistry student at McGill University
  • At the Outreach Run campaign, I am taking care of marketing
  • A fun fact about me is that I used to work at the Apple Store!
Stephanie Wiseman
  • Second year Dental student
  • Sponsorship
  • In my spare time, I give tours of the Bell Centre for the Montreal Canadiens
Caroline Lee
  • Fourth year Dental student
  • Administration committee member 
  • I almost broke my boyfriend’s back by pulling a surprise judo takedown on a hard wooden floor.
Thanh Phuong Trinh
  • Fourth year Dental student
  • Food organizer
  • I’m a gamer and a dog's mom.
Maria Danielova Gueorguieva
  • 2nd year of Dentistry (Class of 2021)
  • I am part of the sponsorship team
  • I enjoy baking and would love to take a pastry course at Le Cordon Bleu Paris one day!