The Neuro: Patient Welcome Kits

Help the Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital (The Neuro) continue to provide free Welcome Kits to all patients.

  • Raise awareness among McGill students about the incredible work being done at The Neuro.
  • Assist the social workers in preparing and providing each patient with a Welcome Kit containing the basic necessities required for a hospital stay, as well as customizing them to the needs of each patient.
  • With your support, we hope to fund 140 Welcome Kits ($3,500) to continue enhancing the quality of patient care at The Neuro.

A hospital is often a difficult place to muster hope. Nearly 2,300 people are admitted to The Neuro every year for the treatment of devastating illnesses like ALS, brain cancer, or stroke. To make matters worse, financial problems associated with medical care and a hospital visit amplify the stress a patient feels after receiving their diagnosis. People suffering from neurological conditions are typically younger than the average adult in hospital, stricken in the prime of their lives. Many must put aside their jobs, hobbies and role as a caregiver within their family in order to focus on combatting their illness.

Thanks to donors like you, the Neuro Cares Fund aims to provide the most comfortable stay for patients by allowing them to concentrate on what they should prioritize the most - their health. While each Welcome Kit may contain seemingly simple items (a toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and cream, just to name a few items), the impact they make on patients’ lives is immeasurable. The patient knows that he or she is being taken care of not only by their doctors and caregivers but by individuals like you who help make their hospital stay as comfortable as possible.

As a major institution at McGill’s downtown campus, The Neuro plays an important role in the lives of undergraduate McGill students like us. Students aspiring to become medical professionals, researchers, public health workers, and so on, look to The Neuro as a source of inspiration for future career goals, and many students actively serve there in volunteer or internship positions. We will be mobilizing the support of the McGill student community in our project not only to reach our fundraising goal but also to help the social workers assemble all 140 Welcome Kits. We hope that our project will raise awareness among students about the important work being done at The Neuro, while continuing to foster the relationship between The Neuro and the student community at McGill.

We thank you for your donation and support for our campaign.

Meet the Project Team: 
Bailey Levine
  • I’m a McGill Arts graduate and have been working at The Neuro for the past 3 years.
  • I know how scary and lonely it can be to stay in the hospital with a serious illness. The Patient Kits are a relatively little thing, but they make a big difference!
  • I’m CRAZY afraid of spiders!
Justine Enns
  • I am a U1 Neuroscience student
  • As a volunteer at the MNI, I have seen the positive impact that these Welcome Kits have on a patient’s experience and in their road to recovery.
  • I am a self-diagnosed peanut butter addict.
Bennet Desormeau
  • I am a U2 Neuroscience student.
  • As mental illness has touched my own relatives, I am eager to provide the MNI patients with Welcome Kits, in order for them to have all the tools necessary for a comfortable hospital stay.
  • I am REALLY good at Super Smash Bros.
Afuad Hossain
  • I am a U2 Neuroscience student minoring in Computer science!
  • Having volunteered at hospitals for years and seeing my very own grandparents being hospitalized recently, I realize full well the stress that comes with it and a welcome kit is a much appreciated token of relief in a hectic time of one's life.
  • I am a trivia fanatic! I'm always up for a trivia standoff! Hit me with your best questions!