MUSIG Bedside Ultrasound Training Initiative

The Pitch
We are raising money to obtain two refurbished ultrasound machines so that we can offer supplementary ultrasound training to McGill medical students.

The Highlights

Your gift will allow us to:

  • Independently own two used ultrasound machines to offer free supplementary ultrasound training to McGill medical students.
  • Offer outreach programs, such as teaching high school students anatomy using ultrasound and training healthcare professionals in low-resources settings to use ultrasound.
  • Bring McGill to the forefront of ultrasound education in Canada.

The Story

The McGill Ultrasound Interest Group (MUSIG) is a new student-led initiative with the mandate of increasing students’ access to ultrasound technology. Our goal is to ensure that McGill medical students are at the forefront of the current revolution in bedside ultrasound use. Clinical applications of ultrasound are evolving rapidly, and it is essential that McGill medical students have access to ultrasound machines to ensure that we are receiving the very best training possible.

Basic ultrasound education is currently in our curriculum; however, students lack sufficient time to become confident and proficient at bedside ultrasound. By obtaining our own ultrasound machines, we will be able to provide the critical training and learning opportunities that our students need to become world leaders in point-of-care ultrasound. Your support can help us ensure the next generation of doctors are equipped to use ultrasound technology in their practice.

Owning our own ultrasound machines will also:

  • Enable us to launch outreach projects, both locally and internationally, to promote interest in the health sciences.
  • Build awareness of the diagnostic utility of this portable imaging system.
  • Allow us to promote careers in healthcare by sending medical student volunteers to teach basic anatomy to high school students using ultrasound.
  • Enable partnerships with international medical schools and NGOs in low-resource settings to establish free ultrasound training courses taught by McGill medical students.

With your support, we can make a big difference to healthcare here in Montreal and around the world.

Meet the Project Team: 
Stefania Dzieciolowska
  • Med 2
  • VP Fundraising - Co-Lead on Seeds of Change Campaign
  • I used to be in a Shakespeare Theatre group for many years
Mélyssa Fortin
  • Med 2
  • VP Outreach
  • My first experience with ultrasound was in Austria as MedP, I was beyond excited!
Ming-Yang Hsu
  • Med 2
  • Planning and promoting the McGill Ultrasound Symposium
  • I love Dungeons and Dragons
Ian Beamish
  • Med 2
  • President - Co-Lead on Seeds of Change Campaign
  • Grew up on a dairy and vegetable farm.
Carl Laverdiere
  • Med 2
  • VP Innovation
  • Based on multiple generous donation from this platform in past, we were able to build a car when I was in engineering.
Cristina Pop
  • Med 2
  • VP Communication
  • The first time I saw my heart on an echocardiogram was during a MUSIG event, when I was teaching some first year medical students!
Victor Kang
  • Med 1
  • VP Finance
  • I speak 5 languages, competitive Overwatch player
Melissa Berman Rosa
  • Med 2
  • VP Outreach
  • My dream is to one day have an ultrasound probe that connects to my cell phone so I can image on the spot with ease
Cyril Boulila
  • Med 2
  • VP Executive
  • My favorite animal in the world is my small incontinent poodle
Iain McPhee
  • Med 1
  • Med 1 MUSIG representative
  • My name, Iain, is from the traditional Scottish Gaelic language, and translates to ‘John’ in English
Hossein Taheri
  • Med 3
  • VP Operations and Co-Founder of MUSIG
  • I'm a photographer and I take live photos of the inside of human body with ultrasound