MENU (Meeting des étudiants en nutrition à l'université)

the pitch

MENU is an annual event that brings together nutrition students from different universities in Eastern Canada for friendly competition as well as business and networking opportunities with experts in the nutrition field and various companies.

the highlights

With your support, we can:

  • Connect nutrition students with potential future colleagues in a fun, engaging, and educational context.
  • Help students discover unexpected branches of nutrition in a non-academic environment that could lead to various job opportunities.
  • Introduce McGill's Macdonald campus as an ideal institution for nutrition studies.

the story

MENU is a unique event that encourages nutrition students to engage with others in their field and explore networking and job opportunities. It is as much a friendly competition between universities as it is a chance to network with experts in the field and gain exposure to different companies. MENU features three distinguished guest speakers who present their thoughts on contemporary topics in nutrition, providing knowledge beyond class material.

Apart from those sessions, there will also be a networking activity with companies and professionals working in the field of nutrition. In previous years, this evening has brought a lot of perspective to some of the nutrition students. Moreover, two of the meals served to the participants will be prepared by McGill students as part of a class project.

We decided this year to base most of the event on the Macdonald Campus. Participants will get to experience Sainte-Anne-de-Bellevue through different lenses and see what the McGill Dietetics and Nutrition programs have to offer. Every year, MENU participants leave the event feeling enlightened and eager for next year’s event!

Meet the Project Team: 
Valérie Pelletier
  • U3 Dietetics
  • VP Event – I have contacted some of our sponsors and I am in charge of recruiting companies and experts in the Nutrition/Health field to do some tabling during the event. I am also responsible for the transportation.
  • Fun fact: I am a cheerleader in the McGill’s team and I have to manage the fact that my competition is during the event that we’re hosting!
Katharina Paul-Mercier
  • U3 Dietetics
  • VP Theme – I have developed the theme (Clue) which will be at the heart of all the activities throughout the weekend. I am also in contact with teams of the Food Service course who will be cooking two of our meals.
  • Fun fact: It’s the fourth time that I am involved in MENU. I participated three times and I am now organizing it!
Ariel Comtois
  • U4 Dietetics
  • VP Sponsor – I have been contacting many companies since last summer to ask them to support us with financial donations or donation of products.
  • Fun fact: I must be an old soul as I just started engaging in macramé as a hobby…
4. Lauriane Germain
  • U3 Nutritional Sciences
  • President – I plan our meetings and the important deadlines, I act as a bridge between all the Vice Presidents and direct what we need to do to make this event come true in March.
  • Fun fact: I am deeply convinced that coriander is somehow poisonous, but some people just don’t have the taste buds to notice it...
Joanie Séguin
  • U3 Dietetics
  • VP Activities – I am working around the schedule of the week-end, I created the games and I am taking care of the hotel.
  • Fun fact: I love to travel and discover new cultures. In fact, I have visited 20 countries and each continent before the age of 20.
Meri Makaryan
  • U3 Dietetics
  • VP Communication - I am in charge of applying to student project funds. I also manage the event’s Facebook page and I am in contact with the other universities.
  • Fun fact: I was born in Belgium, came to Canada when I was 9 but my parents are from Armenia. It seems complicated but it’s not I swear!