McGill’s MSW Syrian Fellowship

We’re raising money to bring a Syrian Fellow and their family to McGill to take part in the International Community Action Network’s (ICAN) Master of Social Work (MSW) program. ICAN’s MSW program is training Syrian Fellows dedicated to the democratic rebuilding of Syria whose work will positively impact many Syrian lives in the Middle East.   

What are the top 3 goals of your project?

1.    To sponsor one Syrian Fellow and their family to come to McGill University in Montreal and to do a field placement at the ICAN-affiliated centre in Amman, Jordan. 

2.    To train Syrian Fellows to work with Syrian refugees in Amman, Jordan in accessing their rights and contributing to the democratic rebuilding of their country

3.    To introduce the profession of social work in Syria thereby providing a source of support that is for the Syrian people, by the Syrian people. 

Over the past 20 years ICAN’s MSW program has been training social justice leaders from the Middle East to empower their communities to access their rights and entitlements back home. In light of the crisis in Syria, ICAN admitted its first Syrian Fellow in 2014, Adnan Mahameed, and we are now laying the groundwork to admit another six Syrian Fellows into the program and train the next generation of Syrian community builders dedicated to the democratic rebuilding of Syria.

Join us in funding the full two years of the ICAN International MSW Fellowship program for one Syrian Fellow. The cost of the two year program is $100,000 per Fellow. During the first year of the program at McGill University, the funds will cover travel costs, tuition, international health insurance, a living allowance and cultural activities. Funding for the second year will cover the Fellow’s field placement at our center in Amman, Jordan working with Syrian refugees and facilitating access to legal aid, education, housing services and much, much more. Bringing one Syrian Fellow to McGill has the power to impact many lives back home and to create a better future for the people of Syria

Meet the Project Team: 
Adnan Mahameed
  • McGill-ICAN’s first Syrian MSW Fellow
  • Adnan played a lead role in the April 17th movement for democratic reform in Syria.  He was also the first chosen leader when municipal elections were held in the city of Da’ra.  The election, which Adnan helped plan and carry out, resulted in 25,000 people being represented by 48 elected members.  It was the first election held in Syria in 40 years.
  • Adnan worked as  a mechanical engineer in the private and public sectors in Syria          
Amal Elsana-Alhjooj
  • Executive Director of McGill – ICAN
  • Amal is the founder of the Arab Jewish Center for Equality, Empowerment Cooperation (AJEEC) and headed this organization for 12 years.  Today, she is one of the key shapers of public opinion regarding the status of the Palestinian minority and the status of women in Israel.   She has received numerous honours and awards: The Human Rights Award, NIF; the Schlomo Bublik Prize and the Spitzer Prize.   She has also been nominated for the Noble Peace Prize as part of the ‘One Thousand Women’ project
  • Amal is a graduate of McGill-ICAN’s first cohort of MSW Fellows and is currently a PhD candidate at McGill
Ibtisam Khasawneh
  • 2014-16 McGill – ICAN MSW Fellow from Amman, Jordan.
  • Ibtisam is currently heading a project to combat violence against women at the ICAN-affiliated centre in Ashrafiya, a neighbourhood in Amman where about 70% of residents are Syrian refugees.  She has an MA in psychology and has clinical experience working with women  at various organizations in Jordan
  • Ibtisam’s native language  is Arabic, she is competent in English and has also studied German