McGill Varsity Rowing


Help the McGill Varsity Rowing team purchase equipment needed to stay competitive, lower costs to student-athletes, and make the sport more accessible to the McGill community!

  • This project will help us expand our small boat fleet and stay competitive with other university programs.
  • Your contribution will allow us to lower team fees and make the program more affordable for student-athletes.
  • Purchasing equipment will increase the team’s capacity, allowing us to introduce the sport to even more students and enhance university life!

The McGill Varsity Rowing team proudly holds its own in competition with university programs from across Canada during a short and demanding fall season. The quintessential university sport, rowing provides a challenging and rewarding experience that enriches student life for everyone involved.

In addition to our Varsity program, the Team offers a Novice program, which provides McGill students with a unique opportunity to pick up the sport as young adults. Every year, we introduce more than 30 McGill students to rowing. Many will discover a passion for the sport and will work year-round to make the Varsity team. Some have even gone on to represent Canada in major international competitions, including the Olympics. Regardless of their progression, though, McGill rowers consistently forge strong friendships and develop a sense of collaboration, determination, and purpose.

Our team is largely self-funded. In addition to travel costs, the cost of equipment puts a significant financial strain on our student-athletes, with boats costing between $10,000 and $40,000. We are currently looking to expand our small boat fleet. Small boats are critical to skill development in rowing, and will allow our hardest working athletes to get the most out of their long hours of training. Training in small boats will enable us to put together highly competitive crews in more events at our regattas.

In addition, the ability to purchase new equipment means that we can lower team fees and make the program more affordable to student-athletes. New equipment will also increase the team’s capacity, allowing us to retain more athletes and introduce rowing to a greater number of students every year!

Meet the Project Team: 
Eric Saragosa
  • Second year student in Law
  • Fifth year Varsity; Project Head and VP Alumni Affairs
  • Once wrote the script for a video narrated by William Shatner
Esther Jamieson
  • Graduating student in Cognitive Science
  • Started as a Novice in 2012, fourth year Varsity; Former Team President
  • Loves burritos and camping
Craig McCullogh
  • Third year Honours student in Microbiology & Immunology
  • Third year Varsity; Team President and Men’s Team Captain
  • It took two years to convince me to get in a rowing shell, but only two strokes to fall in love with the sport
Olivia Piazza
  • Third year student in Human Geography, with a minor in Marketing and Biology
  • Started as a novice in 2014, second year Varsity; VP Internal Affairs
  • I interned at The Plaza Hotel in New York City this summer!
Félix Trépanier
  • Third year student in Economics
  • Third year Varsity; VP Finance
  • Rowing fuels my caffeine addiction
Jenny He
  • Third year student in Microbiology & Immunology
  • Started as a Novice in 2014, second year Varsity
  • My two front teeth are fake
Bradley Minielly
  • Third year student in Environment
  • Third year Varsity; VP Fundraising
  • I have an identical twin brother
Anna Henley
  • third year Mechanical Engineering student from St. John's, NL
  • I've been rowing since 2010, and on the McGill team since I came in 2014.
  • I'm VP External of the McGill Association of Mechanical Engineers, a part-time ballerina, and a volunteer student buddy with Beyond Me McGill