McGill University Quarter-Scale Tractor Pulling Team (MUTRAC)

the pitch

The McGill University Quarter-Scale Tractor Pulling Team (MUTRAC) hopes to build the newest model in their MH (McGill Hydraulic) series and attend the ASABE International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition in Illinois in May 2020.

the highlights

  • Provide a unique learning experience for team members that extends beyond the classroom. This includes hands-on work at the agricultural machine shop, managing the club, and project management.
  • Design and build a quarter-scale tractor that not only performs well during the pulling category of the competition, but also exceeds expectations in the manufacturability, serviceability, maneuverability, safety, sound level, and ergonomic categories of the competition as well.
  • Foster community engagement by participating in activities outside of the club and providing services on campus. This includes hosting BBQ fundraisers, assisting the McGill Woodsmen team in repairing equipment, as well as planting trees for the school’s dairy pasture.

the story

The McGill University Quarter Scale Tractor Pulling Team (MUTRAC) is a student-led design team. It aims to provide students with a hands-on learning platform that complements the Bioresource Engineering curriculum through the design and fabrication of a quarter-scale pull tractor.

At the end of the academic year, the team represents McGill University at the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineering (ASABE) International Quarter-Scale Tractor Student Design Competition. The competition is judged by a panel of industry leaders and is focused on design innovation, manufacturability, serviceability, maneuverability, safety, sound level, and ergonomics. Each team is required to submit a written report on the features of the tractor, as well as discussing the tractor’s design in a formal presentation to leading industry representatives.

MUTRAC team members learn and develop valuable skills that will be assets in their future careers. This includes 3D CAD modeling, programming, and mechanical design through welding, machining, and fabrication. Team members are also able to reinforce their teamwork, communications and project management skills, attributes vital in both academic and professional domains. The ASABE competition also requires team members to use problem-solving skills in a real-time, high-pressure, fast-paced environment, which will serve as another valuable skill set.

Historically, the support and donations from Seeds of Change have significantly contributed to MUTRAC accomplishing its goals. The team has won awards for manufacturability, craftsmanship, serviceability and marketing. MUTRAC is strongly committed to promoting a collaborative and respectful environment that supports team development while applying the principles and academics of Bioresource Engineering.

Meet the Project Team: 
Alex Leak
  • U3 Bioresource Engineering
  • VP Finance
  • I was a national level figure skater
Alannah Mescheder
  • U1 Bioresource Engineering student
  • The VP Communications for Mutrac
  • Likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain
Sean Clarke
  • U2 Bioresource Engineering
  • Head of wiring
  • a certified Advanced, Rescue, and Drysuit Technical Scuba Diver
John Lan
  • U2 Bioresource Engineering
  • VP Design
  • Enjoys winter cycling
Shamus McGuire
  • U4 Bioresource Engineering
  • Team Captain
  • Enjoys tractors and tractor accessories