McGill Scientista Chapter

The Pitch
Help us increase gender equity and diversity in STEM by providing female-identifying students and other marginalized groups with the resources and networks they need to be successful.

The Highlights

Your gift will help us:

  • CONNECT students in STEM with female leaders through our monthly Scientista Spotlight Series and annual Women in STEM Roundtable.
  • EQUIP marginalized identities with critical leadership skills via workshops on communication, negotiation, and diversity.
  • SPONSOR student participation in the annual Scientista Foundation Symposium to share our local efforts with the community at large.

The Story

Although the number of women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) has grown at the undergraduate level, there continues to be an underrepresentation of women in STEM leadership positions. By bringing together students and professional women in STEM, the McGill Scientista Chapter aims to equip future leaders with knowledge and strong networks to support their career aspirations.

To do so, we:

  • Host monthly Scientista Spotlight Series Q&A sessions with McGill professors to connect students with role models.
  • Organize an annual Women in STEM Roundtable, a formal evening where women from academia and industry share their career trajectories, challenges and successes.
  • Run workshops to teach students essential leadership skills, such as negotiation and understanding diversity.
  • Help students de-stress and build supportive communities through social activities (e.g., yoga, spinning, brunches).
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity in STEM. All students (women/men/non-binary, minorities, and other marginalized identities) are encouraged to participate.

Your gift will go towards improving the quality and scope of our events. With your support, we will be able to increase our reach on campus, ensure events remain free-of-charge and accessible to all, and encourage more participation. Your support will also enable us to attend The Scientista Foundation’s annual symposium and connect with other Scientista chapters across Canada and the US.

Meet the Project Team: 
Michelle Shen
  • Program of study: BSc Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Exec position: Branch Publisher
  • Fun fact: If I had to choose between deep sea exploration or space exploration I’d definitely choose deep sea exploration.
Tanisha Trivedi
  • Program of study: BSc Anatomy and Cell Biology
  • Exec position: Treasurer
  • Fun fact: I LOVE carrot Juice
Elena YH Lin
  • Program of study: MSc Neuroscience
  • Exec position: Co-Director
  • Fun fact: I can probably be bribed with cookies, and am low-key an art history nerd
Danielle Nadin
  • Program of study: MSc Neuroscience
  • Exec position: Co-Director
  • Fun fact: I want to publish a sci-fi or fantasy novel one day!