The McGill Sailing Team

Help the McGill University Sailing Team update their fleet in order to become #1 in Canada and compete with top university teams at the 2015 Student Yachting World Cup qualifiers.

  •  This self-funded sports club is presently using run-down boats and sails that prevent them from performing at their best
  •  Supporting McGill’s Sailing Team will help them obtain the top spot in Canada and have a competitive edge when racing U.S. and International university teams
  •  They’re being frugal: they need the funds to purchase a used fleet from their competitors

It’s tough being a student athlete. It’s even tougher when you have to pay your own way to participate in the sport you love.  Despite having to fund their own participation in sailing events and competitions, as well as renting used equipment, McGill’s Sailing Team just wrapped up their most successful season to date including their title as second nation-wide. Simply put – they’re an impressive bunch. And they need your help.

These passionate athletes have been funding their own travel, equipment rentals, and other expenses without University support. While they can thank their team dedication for their recent successes, they simply can’t compete with the schools who get the latest boats every few years. That’s why they’re seeking your help to purchase second hand boats from other universities in order to avoid the cost and unpredictability of having to rent them on an ongoing basis.

Having updated equipment at their disposal will give McGill’s racers the competitive edge they need to take part in more high-level contests and events, such as the 2015 Student Yachting World Cup in France.

With your help the McGill University Sailing Team hopes to reach #1 in Canada and take their competitions to the next level. Help McGill Sailing continue the great tradition of athletics at McGill!



Meet the Project Team: 
Amanda Ivey
  • Computer Science and Biology
  • Second year on the team as a crew and first year as Vice-President
  • My first time on a boat I was at least 1 month old
Emilie Macfie
  • Political Science
  • First year sailing as a crew and skipper
  • Surfing is my favourite sport after sailing
Hélène Osterman
  • Political Science
  • This is my first year on the team where I am a skipper and the Fundraising Coordinator
  • Participated in regattas all over the world, including Ecuador and the Dominican Republic
Isaiah Riesman-Tremonte
  • Computer Science
  • First year on the team as a crew and CICSA Representative
  • Loves music and played the violin for 14 years