McGill Racing Team

Formula Student Germany is one of the top student racing competitions in the world. Help the McGill Racing Team build a fantastic car and get to Germany so we can represent McGill on a global scale!

  • To provide an opportunity for students to get involved in the engineering design process from concept to completion.
  • To represent McGill University in Germany by competing against some of the best Formula Student teams in the world.
  • To build a car to bring to Germany that performs better than our previous prototype, and to have fun while doing it!!!

This project takes place over one academic year and gives young engineers an opportunity to develop their trade outside of the typical classroom setting. About 70 undergraduate students design, manufacture, and test an open-wheel, formula-style race car. We then spend the summer traveling to competitions, with our biggest goal being a win at Formula Student Germany in August.

Students on the McGill Racing Team have varying levels of experience and different backgrounds. Some have been passionate about motorsports for years and are already skilled mechanics; others have never watched racing or even tightened a bolt! Our goal as a team is to enable anyone with a passion for learning to have an opportunity to gain manufacturing skills through hands-on design in a real world, fast-paced setting. The team is primarily composed of mechanical engineering students, but we have members studying chemical, electrical, civil, materials, computer, software engineering, and bioengineering, as well as students from McGill’s Science and Management Faculties.

The McGill Racing Team is extremely proud to represent McGill University on a global scale, but it can only do this with your support. Expenses for FSG include shipping our car and our tools to Germany, renting vehicles to transport our car to the competition, and the competition registration fees.

Help us start our engines!

Meet the Project Team: 
Anna Gardiner
  • U3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Team Co-Captain
  • I'm missing two of my front teeth
Wilson Yandell
  • U4 Mechanical Engineering
  • Team Co-Captain
  • I can play multiple instruments
Simon Thara
  • U3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Powertrain Junior Subteam Leader
  • I have climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro
John Meschino
  • U3 Mechanical Engineering
  • Technical Director/Powertrain Subteam Leader
  • I live by the words, "don't turn it on, take it apart"
Romain Nith
  • U3Computer Engineering
  • Electronics Subteam Leader
  • I am French but never lived in France.