McGill Martlet Volleyball

the pitch
Help Women’s Volleyball attract top-level athletes and provide them with the resources they need for optimal development within our program!

the highlights

  • Recruit a top-level, out-of-province athlete and provide her with an Athletic Financial Award
  • Participate in more out-of-conference competitions
  • Provide equipment to our athletes, free of charge

the story

The Women's Volleyball Team has been a positive part of McGill’s community for years, and we continuously strive to be the best on and off the court.

This year’s team is made of up 17 hard-working and dedicated women who proudly represent McGill. Although our program has been successful in the past, your support could make a difference in our performance and improve the overall athlete experience.

With your help, we hope to be able to provide a top-level, out-of-province athlete with the possibility of a full scholarship (Athletic Financial Award). Contributions will also help to offset the costs of travel to out-of-conference competitions, such as those to prepare us for Nationals. Finally, gifts will help supply our athletes with most, if not all, of their volleyball equipment, free of charge to them.

Meet the Project Team: 
Melanie Dormann
  • Science U1
  • I play the cello and the piano
Charlène Robitaille
  • Nutritional Science - Dietetics
  • I grew up next to a piggery and pigs are my favorite animals.
Clara Poire
  • Education - Kinesiology
  • I was a very long baby at 57cm.


Victoria Iannotti
  • Engineering - Software
  • I have a snow globe collection of all of the places I’ve traveled to.