McGill Formula Electric

The Pitch

Help McGill Formula Electric build an electric race car to gain real-world engineering experience and become the most competitive team in North America.

The Highlights

  • Help us win the North American Competitions in the electric class.
  • Give more students the opportunity to be part of the engineering design process from concept to completion.
  • Help us push the boundaries of innovation in green technologies in the automotive industry.

The Story

McGill Formula Electric is an engineering design team that designs, builds and races a formula-style electric car every year. The team is comprised of over 40 students from all engineering disciplines who work together to create a 100% electric vehicle. The team provides students with hands-on experience in engineering and project management to prepare them for working in industry.

McGill Formula Electric is extremely proud to represent McGill University’s talent on a global scale, but we cannot do it without your support. After years of incremental changes to increase reliability of our current design, the team is ready to fully redesign the carbon fiber chassis and implement all wheel drive to create an innovative new design. Our team is electrified to take on this new challenge, and with your help, we can make it happen.



Meet the Project Team: 
Ali Al-taher
  • U4 Mechanical Engineering
  • Co-Captain
  • I was born in Babylon
Ella Reifsnyder
  • U3 BioEngineering
  • Co-Captain
  • I listened to 81494 minutes of music in 2018!
Benjamin Munt
  • U1 Civil Engineering
  • Aerodynamics Co-Lead and will oversee Aerodynamics integration into the new chassis
  • I was expelled from my elementary school twice


Amy Hayes
  • U2 Chemical Engineering
  • Chassis Lead and will oversee chassis redesign
  • I’m really good at arching
Erin O’Neill
  • U2 Computer Science
  • Controls Lead and will oversee the software implementation of All-Wheel Drive
  • When I was young, I memorized the eye chart, so I wouldn’t have to get glasses
Trevor O’Leary
  • U3 Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Lead and will oversee the hardware implementation of All-Wheel Drive
  • I got my 2nd degree black belt in Taekwondo in the 8th grade.